24 April 2017

Back to The Original Template!

Just a brief update.

I reverted to the old template because the previous ones were crap and every time I visited, I just wanted to claw my eyes out! So I returned to this one. It's always been aesthetically appealing and is more appropriate. I guess the expression It it ain't broken, don't fix it! really does apply.

Much of the sidebar content is now out-of-date, so some time next week I'll bring it up-to-date and change the layout slightly. Plus, I'm re-downloading the original, unmodified template and uploading it again so that I have a fresh template to work on.

I'll then update old code, such as for JQuery, and try to cleanse it of its impurities to conform to XHTML/CSS3 standards. This may take awhile because the template is old and I don't think it's been updated on its originating site.

The main areas, however, that need the most attention are the sidebar and footer. So those will be the target areas first.

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