26 February 2009

Create Your Own Resources Online

If you're not a great graphic artist, like me, there are several websites that allow you to create your own, thus:

  • Character Sprite Generator (RMXP) - No longer available! This is an effective character creator, but is extremely limited on extras. I don't think it's been updated for a while either.
  • Chibi KYARATSUKURU (RMXP) - This is a more comprehensive character maker, Google-translated into English from its original Japanese version. I love creating characters here, even if none of them ever make it into games!
  • RPG Material - Character Generation (RMVX) - This is the ultimate RMVX character creator (and the only one as far as I know). Not only can you create your own characters by setting a series of options, but you can randomize characters. The output even has the appropriate facesets to use too!
  • RPG Material - Roof Chipset Maker (RMXP/RMVX) - No longer available! With this nifty resource tool, you can create your own rooftops for the main chipsets by manipulating a few options or randomizing them. The roof outputs can become part of the map chipsets.

While these are the best resources for creating RMXP/RMVX chipsets conveniently online, there are several methods for character sets and chipsets from older versions of RPG Maker compatible with RMXP/RMVX. I'll cover that in a future entry.
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