17 February 2015

Gold Comma Separators Scriptlet

If, like me, you hate the way large numbers are displayed without any separators, thus making it hard to read, then you’ll want the Gold Comma Separators Scriptlet for your games.

What this does is separates large numbers with a comma every three blocks of numbers. Thus, 100000 becomes 100,000. That’s way easier to read! (Incidentally, it took me ages to figure out how to successfully do this!)

To achieve this, we attach

.to_s.reverse.gsub(/(\d{3})(?=\d)/, ‘\\1,’).reverse

to the $game_party.gold. This is done differently in each RPG Maker.

04 February 2015

Looking for Guest Bloggers

The RPG Maker Times blog has come a long way since its earliest beginnings as a site devoted exclusively to RM2K/3 stuff on Blogger. And since migrating to its own domain name, it's come farther still.

As a result, I love checking the site's statistics: how many daily or monthly visitors, where visitors come from and ultimately which pages they're drawn to. I also like checking the keywords that people are using to find the posts, whether those keywords are organic or direct or are from social media sites. Most days RPG Maker Times averages 250+ hits per day. That's not bad considering it's not been up that long really, as traffic is still stronger at Blogger (obviously because it's Google's).

So I'd like to start expanding further. As much as I try to blog frequently, including sharing scripts and reviews, I don't have as much time as I'd like to mostly because of my odd hours. That's why I'm looking for guest bloggers to post regularly on RPG Maker Times. Guest bloggers can share anything from tutorials to games reviews, or even voice opinions.

There won't be any money, but if you have a website guest blogging will guarantee some exposure for you, including a short bio so you can promote yourself and any projects/games you might be working on! You can even post your own RPG Maker or game/project promo video on YouTube.

If interested, leave a comment and I'll give you a "Contributor" status to post your articles. When you're approved, they'll then be placed as a post or page (depending on the nature of the post).

Note: Please don't post the article in the comments, just sign up if you're interested and I'll give you a trial run. This applies to RPG Maker Times Blogsite. You have nothing to lose but a lot more to gain!
18 January 2015

Otherworld Inspiration and Influences

I was asked some days ago about the inspiration behind Otherworld and its influences.

Although it draws its inspiration from several sources, its main influence is Celtic mythology, with others interwoven into its conceptual faric. I’ve also drawn on my own experiences as a "paranormalorist", a term I coined to combine parapsychologist and paranormal investigator. (I have a little over 30 years experience in the fields and, although I’ve now retired from the investigations side of it, am still consulted by individuals and groups on paranormal, psychic and spiritual topics.)

When I first wrote the short story, upon which much of the game is based, its basic concept was that the worlds of the living and the dead overlapped. Usually, ghosts and spirits are invisible but every so often manifest physically.
16 January 2015

Q-Engine v5.0 In Progress - Improvements

The Q-Engine and its add-ons are undergoing some improvements.

This is primarily to remove the dependency on the UCSM. Instead, the Q-Engine will contain the global settings required for the main scripts and the relevant configuration settings will be placed in the add-ons themselves. This will make it much easier to tweak rather than relying on a single configuration to set them.

I'll also be creating a downloadable demo (finally), which will enable you to install the Q-Engine and all of its available add-ons without having to copy and paste them individually.

I'm making this a priority over the next few weeks to get this done as quickly as possible so I can focus on my other projects, especially Paranormality: Otherworld.
14 January 2015

Karma (Good vs Evil) Script - Game Notes

The Karma (Good vs Evil) script was created for Otherworld to present a number of moral dilemmas that Anna, the main character, faces.

Hence, because of the nature of Otherworld and ultimately its underlying moralistic theme, I decided to have some kind of system in place where actions and interactions are influenced by alignments. After searching around for a decent "good vs evil" script, however, none of them quite fit in with these requirements.

Most of them were the simple generic Good and Evil scripts that only really showed characters' alignments and that's pretty much it. There were a few "morality" systems that gave some scope for reactions from people depending on alignment, but these were still limited.

03 December 2014

Where Are All The Updates?

That's a good question, since this blog has been sadly neglected! This does not, however, mean that RPG Maker Times has been abandoned, nor has my interest in RPG Maker diminished. Most of the updates now occur on the new RPG Maker Times & Companion blogsite.

Those who follow me on Google+, Twitter and Facebook will already know what I've been up to. So, for the latest updates, why not follow me at one - or all - of them? Each one usually has unique content!

Otherworld (Paranormality) - RMVXA Project

Otherworld is a paranormal-themed RMVXA project I'm working on. Development will continue on it until its completion, on my days off or when I have some spare time in between work and time off.

All updates, including game pages, will be on the Otherworld (Paranormality) official blogsite.

Without giving too much of the plot away yet, the game is single-player, focusing around Anna Carrera. She's an ordinary but introverted girl with nothing extraordinary about her. She leads a normal life, studies diligently, works hard, yet she doesn't really socialize much, so she has very few people she calls "friends".

One fateful day, however, on her way back from school, something happened to her that changed her life and her perspective on things in general. And she embarked on a journey to the "other side" and back to change the course of history and save Mankind from a deadly fate.

This supersedes my other projects, Paranormality: Portals and The Gladiator Project.
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