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I was browsing through Steam's RPG Maker VX Ace Discussions when I happened across something everyone needs and will benefit from. Note that most of these will also work for RMVX.

Grandma Deb has compiled some COMPREHENSIVE resource lists for all your RMVXA needs, including tilesets, portraits and emosets on a wide range of themes.

Among my favourites are the the Star Wars Resources.

Yoda | Star Wars Resources

And also the Animal Sprite Compilation, which includes dragons!

Dragon Charset | Animal Sprite Compilation

The above resource images link to the "original" websites and copyrights belong to the respective artists. If you use any of them - and I'm quite confident you will at some point - give the appropriate credit.

The Gladiator Project Official New Blogsite & Updates

The Gladiator Project blogsite is now live, having been revamped in tandem with the redevelopment of the project. The site's layout and design is still being worked on, but that will come in time.

Newly added pages:

  • Character Classes - Details about the various character classes used in the game.
  • Glossary - A complete list of the Latinesque words used in the game, as well as on the blogsite.
  • About TGP - A detailed history about The Gladiator Project and how it has evolved.

Updates will continue as the project itself evolves and will be implemented on the site.

What Happened To The Paranormality Webisodes?

I was asked the other day about what happened to the "Paranormality Webisodes" I started doing. Well, several things really.

The first is that the motherboard on my previous computer started going out and, despite a lot of upgrades, it become irreparable without major additional cost. I decided that it was better in the long run to just buy a new computer. The storyboard and resources are still stuck on its hard drive without an immediate solution to transfer the files. I guess I could invest in an IDE to USB cable, but that's not top of my priority list right now.

The second thing is that since I started my new job, working nights, it gives very little time to actually focus on most of the projects I started, including the webisodes. I've not had a chance to reinstall the movie making software I'd previously installed either. This is one of the most frustrating parts of working the night shift, but as long as it pays the bills, then it balances out.

The final thing is that inspiration and motivation dried out. With several different projects on the go at once, it was difficult to maintain them all and prioritize them, so I took a major hiatus from them. Instead, the focus shifted to work and spending time with family.

The Paranormality project isn't quite dead yet, though. Since my purchase of RMVXA, I've been experimenting with it for a while and decided that Paranormality: Darkling would greatly benefit from RMVXA's additional features and functions, so work has been progressing on that slowly but surely. Be sure to subscribe to the site's feed for the updates.

At this point, I don't know if I will be continuing with the webisodes; it's been left open at the moment.

Paranormality: Darkling (RMVXA)

The project, Paranormality: Darkling, has been restarted. Since I bought RMVXA, I've been experimenting with it quite extensively and decided to use it for this project to take advantage of many of its additional features and functions.

The primary resource used is the Mythos Horror Resource Pack and I'll be purchasing several other resource packs as the project progresses as well.

I've also designed two windowskins specifically for the project and will be (attempting on) creating some customized graphics, including icons, of my own.

The game is entirely mouse-driven, using Amaranth's Super Simple Mouse System for Ace, replete with customized icons.

To keep up-to-date with its progress, be sure to subscribe to its official site, Paranormality: Darkling. Right now, I'm developing the overall theme, and will probably be adjusting the style sheets over the next week or so.

Windowskins Updates

The Windowskins section has been updated. More will be added over time, available for both RMXP and RMVX/VXA. I'm planning on converting the ones currently unavailable on the site as well.

Several windowskins tutorials are also available, which will also be expanded in the near future.

Work on the migration/conversion is continuing, slowly but very steadily, and much of it has already been completed. All the dead links are now working (those on this blog haven't been updated).

RPG 20XX Engine Redux

A while ago I wrote an article about RPG 20XX. It has since had an update. According to the site's blurb:

RPG 20XX is a redesign of RPG Maker 20XX... Which was an upgrade replacement for RPG Maker 2003's engine. This newer engine will have nothing to do with the RPG Maker series of engines apart from the familiarity of the editor and engine features.

RPG 20XX should provide lots of advanced features yet remain faithful to the retro scale of RPG Maker 2003. It should not require actual writing of program scripts and instead provide a clever implementation of a click-together event scripting system similar to the older RPG Maker engines. Most notably the ability to re-adjust the battle calculations purely through event scripting.

Lots of common tedium and annoyances of RPG Maker 2003 should be eliminated. RPG 20XX will provide global battle events for all battles, a quest system, simplified character development, local save variables per event, and other simple conveniences.

Lastly, there is a need for an engine that runs on older and more modern systems. A game created with RPG 20XX now will be much easier to get running again in the year 20XX later. All of this is currently licensed under the GNU GPL v3 so you can check out the source code any time if you really wanted to. It will be a community project, free as in price and in freedom to create the RPGs in a fun familiar way like you always wished RPG Maker 2003 could do these days.

So, this is definitely something to look into. I'll be checking it out during my days off.

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