24 April 2017

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #26: Battle System

This is an overview tutorial on Smile Game Builder's Battle System and my own thoughts on it.
The topics covered are:

● Battle (Game Data)
● Character Stats
● Character Battle Commands
● Monsters
● Monsters - Basic Settings
● Monsters - Resistances
● Monsters - Action in Battle
● Spawning Monsters on Maps
● Battle Backgrounds
● Monster Position

For more information on this and other tutorials, as well as Smile Game Builder news and projects, you can visit its official subsite.

Back to The Original Template!

Just a brief update.

I reverted to the old template because the previous ones were crap and every time I visited, I just wanted to claw my eyes out! So I returned to this one. It's always been aesthetically appealing and is more appropriate. I guess the expression It it ain't broken, don't fix it! really does apply.

Much of the sidebar content is now out-of-date, so some time next week I'll bring it up-to-date and change the layout slightly. Plus, I'm re-downloading the original, unmodified template and uploading it again so that I have a fresh template to work on.

I'll then update old code, such as for JQuery, and try to cleanse it of its impurities to conform to XHTML/CSS3 standards. This may take awhile because the template is old and I don't think it's been updated on its originating site.

The main areas, however, that need the most attention are the sidebar and footer. So those will be the target areas first.
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