23 December 2012

Standing Picture Maker (RMVX/VXA)

Here is a site where you can create a full set of resources for your RMVX/VXA project. It's in Japanese but it's easy to figure out without translation. The site can be found here.

This is an angelic character I created using the online maker.

There are very few actual parts to create a wide range of resources, but you can still create some decent ones. The site also has a lot of different facesets. It's well-worth a visit.
09 December 2012

Video Demo - Q-Engine for RMVX

A video demo of the Q-Engine has finally been uploaded.

The Q-Engine is an enhancement engine for RMVX comprising a number of scripts/scriptlets and tweaks, all of which are customisable. Note: The version numbers in this video differ to the actual version numbers. Script release date is 15 December, 2012.

Music: The Experiment by Danosongs.
04 December 2012

RPG Maker Times Companion Progress Update

Progress on RPG Maker Times Companion website is slow but steady. It has now been transferred to its own domain name, with the blog itself having its own subdomain.

In order to expedite development, I've prioritised some of the sections:
  • The top navigation menu on this blog (currently most of the links are pointing to the old defunct domain)
  • Resources - Windowskins, Character Sets, Resource Makers
  • Tutorials - Including the Complete Chest Tutorial and the forthcoming Bank Tutorial
  • Q-Engine for RMVX - Development has continued on the script, which is now ready for release (it should have been a few months ago).
29 November 2012

RMVXA Titles2 Graphics

Here are some Titles2 graphics for RMVXA, along with examples of what they look like. These were created in GIMP as I was experimenting with transparent layers and brushes. They are free to download and use, but please give credit to me, Companion Wulf, somewhere.

Smeared Blood

Gold Celtic Frame

Cage Bars

How To Use

Import the graphics into the Graphics/Titles2 folder from within RMVXA.

In the System tab of the Database, pick and choose the titles combination graphics in the Titles Screen section.
28 November 2012

Futuristic Tileset

The latest addition to the ever-growing RPG Maker resource expansion packs is the Futuristic Tileset. You can buy it for $19.99 (or $74.99 for a non-RPG Maker license).

There have been very few decent RPG Maker games set in the future and fewer resources, so this quality tileset (which includes two parallax backgrounds) is a worthy addition.
17 November 2012

RPG Maker Times Companion v2 Coming Soon

Development on the new RPG Maker Times Companion site is underway. The previous site sadly closed temporarily when the co.cc domain provider shut down. I didn't really lose anything because I made backups. Bitter experience has taught me well over the years!

Anyway, the theme is a modified version of the Middle Earth one found at Smart Magazine Themes. And, of course, since I’m a HUGE Tolkien fan, what a perfect way to start RPG Maker Times Companion v2!

So now the onerous task begins of restoring the blog to its former glory. I’ll go through each of the posts and pages from the previous version and tweak them accordingly, and will continue working on it throughout December in readiness for its domain name launch in January 2013!
14 November 2012

Make Your NPCs More Interesting

NPCs are essentially the lifeblood of an RPG. Life without them would be boring indeed. They can serve as merchants, old adventurers, town- or city-dwellers, advisers, and a plethora of other things. But many games fall victim to keeping the NPCs in the background, not really that memorable or lifeless.

LagunaXI has written a very good article, Ideas To Make Your NPCs More Interesting, which explains this problem perfectly. Here's a sample of it, a few paragraphs taken at random.

What do you mean place a random statue in the town!? Well let me explain. This is just the comical sub heading of my point, it doesn’t HAVE to be a statue it could be anything. A gravestone, an old abandoned shack maybe an old well. Something that has no real significance other than to be there. Not only does it provide a little back story to the town but more importantly (for this article) it makes an interesting talking point available for NPC’s living in the town. I’ll give a couple of examples.

Say I place a statue of a warrior in the middle of the town, some of the examples it opens up NPC Dialogue wise are…

“This statue was built when my Grandfather was just a small boy, so it must be pretty damn old huh?”

It's worth reading through the article, as it'll give a few additional ideas on how to bring NPCs to life and add dimension to a bustling town or city.
13 November 2012

RPG Maker Times Companion Site Is Down

The RPG Maker Times Companion website is down. This is because the domain site (co.cc) is also down and it has been for a few hours now, but this is more permanent. The domain site closed yesterday. Google confirmed that it would no longer be indexing any co.cc sites because too many people were using it for spam and other questionable sites, making life very difficult for the legitimate sites. Trust the few who make it hard for the majority! As a result, as of today, RPG Maker Times Companion is closed.

However, this is only temporary. If all goes well, RPG Maker Times Companion will have its own permanent domain name soon. I'm aiming for the dot-com or dot-info at the beginning of December, if not definitely for the New Year. It's time to bite the bullet and go for it!

In the mean time, I'm working feverishly on creating an alternative, temporary website to re-upload RPG Maker Times Companion, notwithstanding the problems that may arise because of the co.cc and Wordpress database settings. This is going to be a hideous process that may take some time. Unfortunately, this will also affect most of the links on the navigation menu at the top and this will not be updated until either the new temporary site or the domain site are ready.

This blog will continue as normal and will be updated alongside the Facebook page.
10 November 2012

Is Magic Really Real? Cartoon

This is something I did a while ago just for fun. While it's not directly related to RPG Maker, it still has fantasy elements to it, so I thought I'd post it. If it takes too long to load or doesn't load at all (most likely it won't), you can view it here.

You can create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!
05 November 2012

Updates Soon

Updates and projects have been deferred. I came down with the flu, which has led to an upper respiratory infection. As soon as things settle down I'll be focusing again on the blog, starting with an events banking system (from the results of October's Poll).

Things will hopefully return to "normal" soon.

Borrowed from Fantasy Faction
02 November 2012

Press Any Key Script (RMXP/VX/VXA)

You know how some games have a "Press Any Key" on the title screen in place of or before the main menu? Now, I've been wanting to write a script like this for a while. In fact, I started writing one for the Q-Engine.

Here's a script that does just that. And the best thing it works with RMXP, RMVX and RMVXA.

31 October 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Just a quick note to wish all my visitors, past and present, old and new, and frequent and infrequent a Happy Halloween.

Image borrowed from Aldiko

Despite the recent events in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, life must go on. It has to! Mother Nature will always show us who's really boss and will happily demonstrate her power to us should we underestimate or abuse her. We have a lot to learn from her. So, hopefully, as with 9/11, where we go from here will lead us into a better world, where we can work together in peace and harmony to build that better world for our children and grandchildren. It gives that glimmer of hope out of tragedy, however small or insignificant it might seem.
24 October 2012

The Deep - High Quality Resource Pack

Here's another awesome resource pack, purchasable for $5.49. This pack, entitled The Deep is ideal for those dungeon-delving adventurers to explore. When I say these resources are high quality, I mean they are high quality and I'm totally enamoured of them!

You can buy The Deep resource pack at RPG Maker Web website.

This showcases the Battle Scene using some of the high quality battlers available in the resource pack.

Image borrowed from RPG Maker Web.

Three Spam Sandwiches, Please!

Due to an increasing amount of spammy comments, the CAPTCHA has been turned on (again!) and all comments now need to be modified. Unfortunately, Blogger has no facility to modify the comments and delete offending content.

That's why I prefer Wordpress. I was considering migrating RPG Maker Times to Wordpress, but that probably wouldn't be viable given the blog's size.

In the meantime, however, I'll be scrutinising comments and if they contain any of the following they will be trashed:

  • Contents irrelevant to the blog,
  • Website or HTML related contents,
  • Contents relating to software downloads (unless RPG Maker related), and
  • User names and URLs contain irrelevant content, including pornographic references.

Also, I'm forced to disable "Anonymous" users from commenting. Commenters must have a registered account (OpenID) to be able to comment. I didn't want to do this, but fifteen spammy emails in a short amount of time is enough and it's difficult to sift the legitimate posts from the spammy ones.

For now, this is a semi-permanent measure, but at this point I feel it's a necessary one.
14 October 2012

RPG Maker Lite - Free For All

RPG Maker VX Ace Lite has been released.

This is basically a dumbed down version of RMVXA itself. Quintessentially, it's the same as the Trial version, but without the 30-day limit and with the following additional limitations:

  • 10 heroes
  • 10 classes
  • 126 skills
  • 16 items
  • 60 weapons
  • 60 armours
  • 30 enemies
  • 30 troops
  • 25 states
  • 110 animations
  • 10 common events
  • 6 Tilesets
  • 15 events per map
  • Maximum of 20 maps

Furthermore, there is no call script because, like the Trial version, the Script Editor has been disabled. The Character Generator also does not contain all of the available materials, the same as the Trial version.

This is very useful as an introduction to RMVXA proper and for anyone wanting to learn the ropes before moving onto RMVXA itself. Ultimately, however, it's still a trial version of the program because of the limitations. It's "tryware" because the 30-day limit has been removed (unlike the trial version, where the countdown began from the moment you installed it, regardless if you used it or not). It's also "nagware" because every time RMVXA Lite is loaded it prompts you to continue with the trial or purchase the full product.

I think it's a very good idea that this has been made available because one of my major frustrations when experimenting with the Trial version wasn't the fact that scripts couldn't be edited (they can easily be created in RMVX and ported over into RMVXA), but the fact that I don't have the time to sit for 30 days straight and experiment. 12-hour days usually does that.

So, in conclusion, it's a worthy addition to the ever-increasing RPG Maker family to see how things fit together, even if it is really shareware masquerading as a free "Lite" version!
12 October 2012

Finally A New Nav Menu

RPG Maker Times has finally had a long needed, often deferred facelift. Regular visitors will notice that the top navigation menu has changed from its old incarnation. It's much simpler now, but is easier to update should the need arise to add items to the menu.

After careful consideration, and much experimentation, I opted for this format because, with the advent of RPG Maker Times Companion, the need to have the dropdown subsections is greatly reduced.

Most of the links are tag-based, so if you're looking for specific engines you can easily skim through all of its related articles. Furthermore, many links go to the various index pages of RPG Maker Times Companion, which lists the articles clearly.

Note: The "Windowskins" portion of the menu is NOT implemented yet. All Windowskins are still available on the Companion site.

RPG Maker Times and Companion are cross-referenced, so I'll be going through each of the articles on this blog and deciding if and how they'll be linked. This process might take a while, but I'm determined to make progress on it this month, although it probably won't be all the way complete.

I'll also begin trying out some of the other RPG Makers, which is reflected in the menu, but that most likely won't be this month. Guest bloggers are welcome to submit articles relating to these other RPG Makers, as at the moment I know next to nothing about them.
02 October 2012

Animated Title Screen Redux RMVX

The Animated Title Screen Redux RMVX 1.6 is an experiment with sprites and layers.

Although it started out as an experiment purely with sprites (showcased in a previous video), it developed into a simple title animation and then into something more complex, with the addition of a message or credits on the Title Screen. It may or may not be integrated into the Q-Engine in the future.

The title itself, "The Chronicles of Yrth", is taken from a novella I wrote in the early '90s, which was completed but never published. This will be a future project, based loosely on that novella.

The background music is Living Voyage by Kevin MacLeod.
28 September 2012

Navigation Menu Changes

The next big project for RPG Maker Times is its top navigation menu. The current one is way too out-of-date now and there's no question that it needs updating. Because this blog is quite large, spanning four years worth of updates, it's a mammoth undertaking.

Now, I'm not entirely sure how this should be done. I've been thinking about it for a while and experimenting with the different ways of updating the menu to reflect the evolution of the blog and RPG Maker Times Companion.

Here are some ideas I've considered:

  • Simple Menu - A menu displaying only the main areas of the blog, such as Resources or Tools & Utilities. These in turn lead to complete index pages listing their respective sub-pages. This, however, may lead to duplicate entries.
  • Same Format Menu - Keeping the same format menu as the one currently in place, but updating the main categories to reflect the new changes. This includes additions to RPG Maker Times Companion.
  • Keyword/Tag Menu - A menu based on keywords and tags. This utilises posts' categories and tags (rather like Wordpress's parent-child system).
  • Sliding Menu - A hidden menu that, when clicked on, slides out to reveal the main categories and subcategories of the blog and RPG Maker Times Companion.

Further suggestions are welcomed, of course. I'd like to make it easier for my visitors to navigate throughout the site with only a few clicks. I have all the software I need to create some dynamic menus so, regardless, will be experimenting with a few styles and perhaps later will put them to the vote.

Feel free to make suggestions in the comments box below.
25 September 2012

HUD Designer (RMVXA)

A HUD (Head Up Display), which is an interface overlaying the screen to display parameters and other information, always adds aesthetics to a game. In fact, many SNES games have HUDs. One in particular comes to mind: Zelda. The hearts container at the top of the screen is a HUD.

There is an online WYSIWYG HUD generator for RMVXA, where you can create your own by dragging and dropping elements into place to create one of your own.

There are only four options at present - Rectangle, Gradient Rectangle, Image and Text - but I'm sure more will be added at a later date. Notwithstanding, each has its own set of sub-options, including HP/Max HP and MP/Max MP, making it quite customisable.

Once you've created your HUD you can then click "Generate Script" and you'll be able to copy and paste the script into your game. You can also Export/Import your creations for later use and modification.

20 September 2012

Open RPG Maker - Feature Review

Open RPG Maker is the "new kid on the block" and, while it's still under development, it still shows enormous potential. The game engine is not implemented yet, which includes playtesting (this will begin when the Editor is finished), but many of the functions are. So this review is based on its features and functionality. Preliminarily, I'm quite impressed with it.

What Is Open RPG Maker?

According to the blurb:
Open RPG Maker is aimed at being a free and open source clone of the RPG Maker series by Enterbrain. The end goal of the project is to allow users to create 2D console style RPG games similar to the original Final Fantasies / Zelda Games.
And that's exactly what it is. There are some features you are all familiar with, including the all important Database, Map Editor and Resource Importer. But it also has some additional, unique features that are not implemented in the other RPG Makers, such as Screen Layouts and Find Event.

Some Additional Features

At this point in development, the important thing isn't its functionality, but being able to see what this RPG Maker will be capable of when it's completed. Almost every aspect of Open RPG Maker can be edited and, when it is finished, I bet you there will be some awesome games made with it.

Graphics Resources

This entire RPG Maker seems to be initially founded on RM2K/3 (it is a clone after all). Subsequently, you can import resources from your old RM2K/3 projects via the built-in "Importer Plugin", including Character Sprite Sheets, Tilesets and Backgrounds.

In the Tileset section of the Database, one of the functions I particularly like is the ability to change the layout of the tileset directly. You can add or delete tiles with a few clicks. These are then appended to the tileset, as each tile is actually converted into a separate file, which can then be easily deleted from the tileset if you change your mind.

Battle Characters are the same as RM2K/3 in that you can use "poses" to reflect various status effects. I have some very fond memories of spending hours creating my own unique animations for the status effects I created, but this feature was omitted in the next-gen RPG Makers. So I'm glad that this feature is present.

In addition to being able to import RM2K/3 resources, it is also possible to import those from O.H.R.RPG.C.E, which is a neat idea.

There's something else that is a pleasant, very useful feature, lacking in many other RPG Makers, and that is the ability to take a snapshot of your finished maps and save them in PNG format without having to do it manually.

Note: Since this is an RPG Maker outside of Enterbrain's, it's probably better to create your own resources - the same way you would with RM2K/3 - so as not to step on any EULA toes. If it's RM2K/3 I really don't think Enterbrain will care, since that RPG Maker is so old now (and wasn't technically legal in the first place).

Menu Editing

Open RPG Maker has a unique method of editing the menus in the form of Screen Layouts. All data is stored in XML files, which you can edit according to the particular needs of your game. Even if you don't know anything about XML files, the learning curve isn't that steep since XML is essentially about structure rather than details.

The structure of the menu layouts can be modified directly by either dragging the items around the editing area or by tweaking certain variables, such as X- and Y-coordinates and font size and weight. And, with a cursory glance, it seems that it might also be possible to change the frames and add additional graphics to the menus, although I didn't experiment with that.

Within the editing environment, you can also modify menu access conditions. This is set up using conditions and event commands. As an example, if you want background music when you open the Status Menu you can add it under "On Load" and then if you want it to stop when you close the Status Menu, it can be disabled under "On Cancel".

As a result, the potential for creating aesthetic, dynamic menus is huge. So that means there are no scripts per se to modify the menu systems. It's all done here.


Open RPG Maker certainly has the potential to become something great, earning the right to rank alongside some of the more popular RPG Makers, including Enterbrain's, and I'm looking forward to when it's completed.

It's still raw and rough around the edges, but you can see that it shows great promise. Many of the functions aren't properly implemented yet, but it's enough to demonstrate what this capable engine can do. It did crash frequently, but this is to be expected since it's essentially a Beta version, so it's not a big deal.

Although I wasn't able to playtest my creations, since that function is disabled at this point, I was still able to have a good look around and so far what I see I like. I will be looking forward to its completion date and may be able to add tutorials, etc. to RPG Maker Times and RPG Maker Times Companion some time in the future.
14 September 2012

Arabian Nights Resource Pack

The folks at RPG Maker Web have done it again! We were previously presented with the Modern Shop Add-On, purchasable for only $5.99.

This time, however, we have the awe-inspiring Arabian Nights Resource Pack. It costs $9.99, but it's worth the price. It's stunning!

Image borrowed from RPG Maker Web

I'm promptly reminded of one of my favourite SNES games, Arabian Nights and, of course, the Aladdin movies.

To be brutally honest, I'm not sure about the music sample they have on their page, entitled Arabian Nights - Town. It's too shrill and tinny and gave me a headache, though it's probably not the best one in the pack.

I know one thing, there's a small fortune amassing in my bank account specifically for all this cool RPG Maker stuff (yes, including RMVXA).
10 September 2012

RMVX / VXA Resources

Lovely Blues Place has a handful of cool resources, including tileset and tileset extensions, as well as a plethora of sprites. Even though it hasn't been updated for around a year, it's still worth a mention because of the quality of these resources.

Halloween Charset

My favourite part of the website is actually the Halloween collection (an example is to the left).

There are 14 Halloween character sets to use. They're cute and well drawn and, with October fast approaching, someone may be able to use them if they're planning on creating a Halloween type game.

Garden Tileset

This is by far my favourite, the Garden Tileset. I can really see this in a garden or park setting, along with some park benches and lampposts.

RMVXA Compatibility

The charsets and tilesets should work with RMVXA, but unlike with RMVX, it's possible to create new tilesets and add any additional autotiles. RMVXA also has a "VX Compatible Type" option under the tilesets Basic Settings as well.

If you use them, don't forget to credit Lovely Blues somewhere in the game, usually the end credits.
05 September 2012

Q-Engine Script In Progress (RMVX)

Companion Wulf Presents
The Q-Engine Script was originally going to be named CWEngine, i.e. Companion Wulf's Engine, and is a kind of foundation script for my own scripts, as well as other functions and features.

The Q-Engine Script is based loosely on my Scripts/Addon-Ons Compendium for RMVX, which incorporates my Extra Stats Window and Parameter Equip +/- Icon scripts.

An expansion to the Bitmap class is planned to include additional shapes (circle, semi-circle, square, etc.) and font capabilities (enhanced shadow and text effects), as well as windows and windowskins effects.

There will be enhancements to the menu, including icons, and status windows. I'm also hoping to re-do my MMORPG Styled Status/Equipment script.

It's an ambitious project, but I'll try and post updates and screenshots throughout until the script is finished.
02 September 2012

More Sound Effects for RPG Maker

Following on from this post, here are some more websites for sound effects.

  • Noise For Fun - This site has a blend of high quality, unique sound effects, which have been "exclusively produced". Although many of the sound effects have a distinct sci-fi feel to them, under the "Fantasy and Magic" section you might find some sound effects you can use for skills.
  • Free SFX - This site has quite an impressive collection of sound effects. It also has some amazing music tracks. You'll need to register first before you can download anything, but it's worth it.
  • Soundcli.ps - This site boasts 10,000+ sounds! All sounds a free to download in MP3 format. What I like most about this site is that you can preview and download the sound effects without leaving the page too often.
01 September 2012

Melodia (Rpg Maker VX ACE)

Here's another awesome script from Moghunter. The Melodia script for RMVXA is a "rhythm game" in a similar vein to Guitar Heroes, where you press keys with the notes as they travel down the "note highway".

I've played Guitar Hero and many of its clones, and thoroughly enjoy it, but that's not to say I'm any good. My hand-to-eye coordination is rubbish! That said this is an excellent addition to your RMVXA script collection and will give your game an extra dimension.
29 August 2012

Charsets for RMXP

Here are a few decent character sets for RMXP I found. The website doesn't have that much content, but I rather like the charsets.

28 August 2012

How To Convert an RMVX Game To RMVXA

Here's another essential utility for all RMVX/RMVXA users. I've not had an opportunity to try it out, but judging from the video it is very useful for those who have made the transition from RMVX to RMVXA.

You can download the utility directly here.

Caveat: It's important to note (as mentioned in the video) that it's highly unlikely that this utility will convert scripts, since RGSS2 and RGSS3 are vastly different. You'll have to convert the scripts on your own or find alternative scripts.
18 August 2012

RMXP to RMVX Ace Windowskin Converter

It's easy to convert windowskins from RMXP to RMVX and RMVX to RMVXA, but not really from RMXP to RMVXA. This utility (in the form of a script) lets you convert RMXP windowskins to RMVXA format. And while I can't test this out yet, it has some positive reviews so is definitely worth sharing.

So, here is the link to the RGSS3 utility. Install it as you would any other script. Get the RMXP to RMVXA Windowskin Converter.
15 August 2012

Custom Menu System [Radial] for RM2K3

This tutorial demonstrates how to create your own Custom Menu System (CMS) and "radial" menu for RM2K3. This is the first RM2K3 entry I've done in quite some time, but someone I know requested it so this is for you, my friend.

This is the Part 1. The second part can be found here.

Note: This should also work with RM2K with some tweaking.
12 August 2012

Simple Animated Title (RMVXA)

This simple script manipulates the title (defined in the Database) and animates it, from the top of the screen to the centre of the screen above the menu. It was written specifically for the Paranormality 1: Darkling before the Trial ran out.

Note: This version does not have the mouse system or the "Continue" feature implemented.
11 August 2012

Cutscene Tutorial - RMVX

This is a very commonly asked question, so here is a good tutorial from GeniusInMotion. It's around 30-minutes long, but it's worth watching to give an idea of how to create a cutscene.

The same principles also apply to RMXP and RMVXA, although if you're competent at making movies from scratch RMVXA will allow you to call the movie instead.
29 July 2012

RMVXA Windowskins

In RMVXA, windowskins aren't really necessary since you can change the windowskin colours in the Database. However, this is the same as the standard default window prevalent in RMVX.

All RMVX windowskins will work in RMVXA. Caveat: The "Window Color" will override the windowskin background colour unless you change it manually.

How To Import A Windowskin Into RMVXA

  • Open the Resource Manager (F10).
  • Import the RMVX Windowskin into the
    and set the transparencies (the same way you would in RMVX).
  • Open the Database (F9) and in the System tab, double-click on Window Color to change the RGB accordingly via the sliders.
  • In the same way as RMVX, the the Window_Base script needs to be modified to update to the new windowskin.
    class Window_Base < Window
      alias cwvxws_initialize initialize
      def initialize(x, y, width, height)
        cwvxws_initialize(x, y, width, height)
        self.windowskin = Cache.system("Roma")
Note that this is from memory, since my copy of RMVXA Trial expired, so this might be slightly inaccurate.
21 July 2012

Automatic Door Script (RMXP/VX/VXA)

Visit the site
Setting up animated doors manually through eventing are now passé thanks to this script. It's compatible with RMXP, RMVX and RMVXA and it definitely makes life easier!

Now, instead of creating each door individually, using the same events commands with each one. The only thing you need to do is name the door event "Door". The animation will then be displayed.

View the script details here.
18 July 2012

Free RPG Maker Project Music

Want some free BGM music for your projects? Here are some decent, upbeat, techno-styled songs. DanoSongs provides royalty free music, including one of my favourites, Today Then Tomorrow.

All music can be downloaded from the site and freely used in any project, including RPG Maker ones, as they are available under the Creative Commons license. This means use them but give credit to DanoSongs in return.
17 July 2012

The Gladiator Project Official Title Theme

The results for this month's poll are in, with 50% votes in favour, and the winner is...

My favourite was A Clash of Kings, but the votes are final, so Magnum Proelium it is!

Incidentally, Magnum Proelium appropriately means "Grand Battle" or "Violent Battle".
12 July 2012

Giant Resources Archive for RMXP

I haven't updated anything for RMXP for a while, so here's something awesome! It's quaintly titled "Pandora's Box" and it certainly is full of surprises! There are a LOT of resources here; I'm tempted to reinstall RMXP just to try them all out.

All of the downloads can be found here, below the video.
11 July 2012

VX Ace Generator Parts

Visit the site
Here's something for RMVXA users. It's additional resources for the built-in generator to create your own charsets. The site can be found here. It's been Google-translated from its original Japanese. I've not been able to test this out, but by all accounts it looks awesome!

You can download individual parts or all of them at once. Caveat: You might have to rename the resources, otherwise there's a chance that the defaults will be overwritten.
03 July 2012

Character Maker XP Resources

Unfortunately, the Character Maker XP Online website is no longer available. However, there are still some character generators for RMXP. Bear with me as I finish work on Flower Mint's Garden, my commissioned website, and I'll be able to focus on the matter in hand again.

In the meantime, there are a few RMXP Character Makers that I know of, thus:

  • Loose Leaf Character Generator - This site is in Japanese, but it appears to work if it's translated.
  • Chibi Character Maker - This site allows you to create and download individual sprite sheets. The link has been translated into English from its original Japanese.
  • Character Maker XP - Here is the "original" software previously downloadable from Megaupload before it went offline. I think this version is slightly out of date, but I'll be updating on the RPG Maker Times Companion blogsite soon.

Thanks again to all those who have pointed out the "missing links" and for providing alternatives. I'll collect them all up and place them on the Companion blogsite as soon as I'm done with the commissioned website.
01 July 2012

Which Music Score Should Be Used For The Gladiator Project Title? - July 2012 Poll

Sit Suffragiorum Incipiunt
(Let The Voting Begin)

Picture Courtesy of Sodahead
It's time to vote again, this time on which music will be the "official" title score for The Gladiator Project.

Listen to each one in turn before deciding. And, once again, the one with the highest votes will be the project's title music to go along with the Animated Title.

Votes can be cast on RPG Maker Times (the poll is in the right-hand panel), Facebook or on The Gladiator Project.
30 June 2012

Animated Title Poll Results for The Gladiator Project

For last month's poll, which was to determine the "official" animated title for The Gladiator Project. The results are in and we have a clear winner with an overwhelming 92% of votes.

As a followup to this poll, you can vote on the "official" Title Score for The Gladiator Project. Once again, the highest voted song will be in the final version of the project. Votes can be cast on RPG Maker Times, Facebook or on The Gladiator Project.
29 June 2012

Back Online...Finally!

It's been a tough few days, but things are back on track and I'm back online. I decided to remain with my current provider, as they restored my services promptly after a lot of blustering. Otherwise, the way it was going it'd be Monday before anything happened. Of course, it also helps knowing your consumer rights! But they offered a compensatory deal I simply couldn't refuse.

So that means UPDATES!

Tomorrow is the final day for voting on the poll for The Gladiator Project Title Screen, so if you haven't already voted now's the time to do it. That said, it appears we already have a clear winner, which I'll be announcing on Facebook at the end of tomorrow. And it will then be implemented in the game itself.

The next poll (for June) is to vote on the title screen music. I'll provide several to listen to and vote on and the one with the most votes will be the "official" title score for the project.
28 June 2012

Offline Due To Internet "Technical" Problems

The lack of updates is primarily due to being offline due to major technical issues with my phone/internet provider. I am NOT happy about this at all, but what can you do? It's funny how much we rely on technology nowadays and take it for granted. When something goes wrong with it, suddenly it's the end of the world!

Honestly, it's to the point where I'm ready to sign the contract with another service provider. My proverbial pen is poised. An engineer is visiting tomorrow and, depending on the results of his tests and how much more of a delay I can expect, that's when the pen will raise or lower accordingly.

Fingers crossed for an expedient resolution and compensation.
05 June 2012

Busy As A Bee

I haven't been able to update RPG Maker Times as often as I'd like. I've been commissioned to design a website, Flower Mint's Garden. Unfortunately, this has taken up most of my time.

And for the fact that I've started playing Runescape again after "winning" a free 14-day membership. I will be continuing my membership after the trial, so if any Runescape players are interested in adding me, my user name there is FereWulfO2. EDIT: I decided to become a full member again after all this time. I no longer play Runescape.

Once things settle down again I'll be able to update this blog and RPG Maker Times Companion more frequently.
01 June 2012

June 2012 Poll - The Gladiator Project Animated Title Screen Votes

The poll for the "official" Title Screen for The Gladiator Project is now open. Vote for your favorite Animated Title Screen. This will run for a month and the video with the highest result will be the official title screen in The Gladiator Project.

Cast your votes here or by using the widget on the right-hand side. Or in the comments box below.
26 May 2012

The Gladiator Project Voting Begins Soon

Sit Suffragiorum Incipiunt
(Let The Voting Begin)

Picture Courtesy of Sodahead
As part of an ongoing theme, visitors will be able to vote on certain aspects of The Gladiator Project.

Starting on 1 June, 2012, voting will begin for the Title Animation. Whichever one has the highest votes will be implemented in the game.

On 1 July, 2012, votes will commence for the Title Screen Music, whichever fits most appropriately with the title animation chosen and the overall game theme.

Both polls will run for about a month each. Votes can be cast on RPG Maker Times, Facebook or on The Gladiator Project.

Once the results from all sources have been collected and collated, the ones with the most votes will be implemented in the game.
22 May 2012

Domain Name Technical Issues

It appears that RPG Maker Times's new domain is having "issues". I'm not sure at this point if it's due to the web host, my computer/firewall, or the domain transfer. Hopefully, this'll all be resolved soon. If not, then I'll approach it a different way and revert to its subdomain until a proper solution can be found.

EDIT: As of 22 May, 2012, it's still down. The source of the problem has been traced to a database corruption, which is in the process of being restored and backed up.

EDIT: As of 25 May, 2012, the new domain site is up and running again. The problem was established as a corrupted database. The backup post file was also corrupted, which means literally starting afresh using the backed-up posts and materials.
EDIT: The new domain can be found here.
18 May 2012

New Domain Names Implemented

The domain name, http://blog.rpgmakertimes.info, for RPG Maker Times Collective (now officially renamed Companion) is up. Although it's still under heavy construction, there's still a lot of content available. I'll be doing more work to the blogsite over the next few months and by the end of June it should be up and running proper.

Furthermore, you can also use http://rpgmakertimes.co.cc/blog to load RPG Maker Times. The current address works as well, since this is simply a URL referrer. So, whichever one you prefer you can use as easily. (No longer active.)

All of the tutorials, present and future, will also be implemented on the blogsite. And I'm hoping to have a few more tutorials as time goes by.

Finally, as a result of the consolidation process, the following blogs/sites will be deleted:

  • RPG Maker Times Companion - This will not be deleted per se and will remain as is. There will be fewer, if any, updates to it.
  • RPG Maker Times Cartoon Strip - All of the cartoon entries will be transferred and eventually the blog will be deleted.
  • RPG Maker Times Windowskins - Once all of the windowskins have been ported over, this blog will also be deleted, making provision for more windowskins, which I'll attempt on creating from scratch in Paint.NET and Gimp.
  • RPG Maker 2K3 Master - Although I mentioned a while back that this blog was scheduled for deletion, I've kept it going for a while longer. After the Companion blogsite is all the way complete, 2K3 Master will finally be deleted.
Bear with me as the transition takes place. There's a long way to go yet, but steady progress is taking place. If you'd like to contribute in any way, comment below or through Facebook. Thanks in advance!
17 May 2012

RPG Maker Magazine

RPG Maker Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to "console RPG Maker games", especially RPG Makers 2 and 3 for the PS2.

Not only that, they do have an active forum, which also contains some (though not much) content on the PC version RPG Makers.

There are some interesting articles in its online magazines as well, although this part of the site doesn't appear to have been updated in a while. Notwithstanding, it's still worth reading through them.

The list of games in the "Game Vault" is quite comprehensive, including RMXP and RMVX projects. And, of course, there's the inevitable guides and tutorials, including the game manual.

Overall, the site doesn't have much in the way of active content or updates - for all intents and purposes it's inactive - but it's still worth a mention solely based on its content and list of games. (I spent at least 90 minutes browsing through.)
16 May 2012

The Gladiator Project Development Commencement

Development on The Gladiator Project has recommenced. Progress has also been made on gameplay as well as additional scripts. For progress updates, click on the TGP Updates tab on the right.

For those of you who have been following RPG Maker Times on Facebook will already be aware of the new Status Menu theme. Well, I'll be doing something a little different.

I'll be encouraging viewers both from RPG Maker Times and Facebook to vote on a few aspects of the game, so will be conducting regular polls. At the moment, these include:
  • Which animated title screen looks best
  • Which music/score goes best with the title
  • Which Status Window layout looks best
And there will probably be more as development continues.

Each poll will last for a month, posted both here and on Facebook, along with images and videos as necessary. The results will then be collated and those with the highest scores will be implemented in the game.

(The Gladiator Project website has not been updated, but it will be soon.)
15 May 2012

New Domain For RPG Maker Times Collection

The RPG Maker Times Collection RPG Maker Times Companion website is in the process of transferring to a new host, along with its own domain name. This'll make it much easier long term.

Not only that, it'll be has officially been renamed from Collection to Companion - not to be confused with the blog of the same name, but that'll eventually be renamed to something else and may eventually be removed altogether. The new website can be found at its domain-hosted site, although it's undergoing heavy construction.

The current template will not be the actual template. For the most part, it'll be Wordpress-ised for easier organisation and to make it more search-friendly, but it'll also combine website elements as well.

Construction will begin this month and by the end of the month the transfer from the old web host to this one will be complete.
14 May 2012

Animated Title (RMVX) - The Chronicles of Yrd

This started out as an experiment with sprites, but developed into a simple title animation. The title itself, "The Chronicles of Yrth", is taken from a novella I wrote in the early '90s but which was never published. This will be a future project, based loosely on that novella.

The script may or may not eventually be shared on RPG Maker Times Companion. It depends what happens between now and then, and if the project actually goes ahead as a planned collaboration.
10 May 2012

RPG Maker 3 (PS2) Inclusion

As a followup to the post on May 3, I've been playing around quite extensively with RPG Maker 3 for the PS2 and I must admit I'm still in two minds about it. I will include some articles on it on this blog, but it probably won't be regular. Instead, the focus will still be on RMVX and later I might reinstall RMXP.

I have a long to do list, including other RPG Makers, which I'm hoping to go through once and for all, rather than just defer it because it's so long. The main focus right now has been and still is on the completion of the RPG Maker Times Collection RPG Maker Times Companion site. Progress is slow but steady.

Additionally, I'll be delving back into the paranormal and spiritual realms. This is prompted partly by my being commissioned to co-develop a website, Flowermint Psychic Services, which encompasses diabetes, herbology, and paranormal and spiritual information. The other part is that I recently watched a few episodes of Paranormal Witness.
03 May 2012

RPG Maker 3 (PS2)

I recently acquired a PS2 with a few games, including Agetec's RPG Maker 3. I've heard and read mixed reviews about this RPG Maker, especially about its limitations, its steep learning curve and hardcore menu-driven creation tools. And, although I've yet to actually play it, in a sense I'm looking forward to it. I don't know whether RM3 will appear on RPG Maker Times yet, so we'll see how it goes.

I did download a PS2 emulator so that I can play RM3 from the CD directly from my PC (that is, if it works). And, if I do decide to record anything, such as tutorials or screenshots, it'll be easier to take snapshots and record videos.

It'll be just a matter of time before I decide whether or not to include RM3 on this blog, but most likely I will, as it's still part of the RPG Maker series.
02 May 2012

Music Box (RMVXA)

This fantabulous script from the one-and-only Moghunter (who brought you various Animated Titles, among many other things). It's a Music Box, which is a feature I've wanted in my games since RM2K3, where every time you hear new music it's playable in the music player.

01 May 2012

New Utilities On RMT Collection Update

During May, there will be a plethora of RPG Maker tools and utilities uploaded to the RPG Maker Times Collection RPG Maker Times Companion website.

I know that some of the download links on this blog and Companion aren't working, particlularly Character Creator Studio VX, which can now be downloaded from its new home. It's hosted on Collection for convenience for those who tried downloading it from Megaupload and were redirected to that scary-looking FBI closure notice.

Most of the utilities on the site go directly to the authors' sites or appropriate forum pages, but for those rare utilities that are no longer available for mainstream downloading, they too will be hosted on the site, in particular RM2K/3 utilities, for anyone who still wants them.

I will be reviewing them, showcasing some of their functions, highlights and bugs also as I start testing (or re-testing) them. Companion will eventually no longer be updated (although it will remain online for a while yet) in favour of RMT Collection, which will be regularly maintained and updated. I'm also planning on migrating the site to another web host, as this one displays annoying advertisements at the bottom. (In the beginning, there was a simple bar there, but now they've placed distracting flashing boxes and animated promos there; wouldn't be bad if they were static). And that will probably happen some time in June or July.

Longer term, it may or may not include its own mini-forum, chatroom, social network, product advertising board, and a few other bits and pieces. It depends on a lot of different factors over the next few months or so. More updates will appear as and when they're available.
29 April 2012

Faceset Generator List (RMVX/XP) - Part #1

While going through my bookmarks, I came across a few Faceset Generators, which I thought I'd share.
  • RMVX/RMXP Faceset Generator - I haven't really investigated this program thoroughly yet (expect me too soon though), but from what I can gather it's a really good utility. In addition to creating your own unique facesets with a plethora of resources, including randomization, you can also modify the colors. From what I've seen so far, this is a winner and a definite addition to your RPG Maker utilities library.
  • Celianna's Faceset Generator - Again, I've not tried this yet, but it looks good. The only reason I've not investigated this is because it's not an actual installable utility, it's a .PSD file, which for those unfamiliar with the extension is a Photoshop Document file. Most modern graphic editors, such as Photoshop (of course), GIMP and Paint.net, can handle using .PSD files. Each component becomes a "layer", which can be dragged and dropped onto one another to create some awesome facesets. Again, this is something I'll be looking into further when I have the time (I've literally just finished installing GIMP and am still finding my way around it proper).
  • Faceset Laboratory - This is an online generator with a lot of different options. The link is in Chinese because the Google-translated site doesn't display the images properly, if at all. The English version can still be viewed for reference for those who can't speak Chinese. On a side-note, it appears there are no options to create male characters per se, only female characters, although at a push male-looking characters can still be created.
  • Character Generation System - This is the original, and best in my opinion, generator for RMVX facesets. Primarily, it's a sprite generator but includes a matching faceset, based loosely on the RTP graphics. Most of the characters I've created for RMVX projects have used this website. (The link goes to the Google-translated version.)
  • Anime Face Maker - As the title suggests, this Flash generator is designed to make cutesy Anime-style faces, which can then be used as facesets. I like this generator, even though I'd have no real cause to utilize it fully, and spent a while playing around with it, creating a cool-looking "bearded lady"!
There are several other noteworthy face makers, which I'll list in another post. In the meantime, have fun designing and generating!
26 April 2012

Paranormality Darkling Demo & Webisodes

My RMVXA trial has now ended, but because life has swept me away this month I've only experienced 9 days out of the 30 day trial. This means that the RMVXA project (along with the demo) will now no longer be available. As I mentioned previously, having an actual 30-day trial rather than a 30 day usage trial is NOT useful to me at all. Of course, I'll buy RMVXA, it's just a question of when I can afford that $90 pricetag, and the way it's been lately - with too many very large companies demanding very large sums of money - it won't be soon enough.

All is not necessarily lost. I'm making provision for porting the entire project over to RMVX instead. There won't be a playable or interactive demo, as I'd planned for RMVXA, but rather a series of webisodes telling the story of Ralph and his quest for his missing sister, presumed dead. All made with RMVX. The previous videos showcasing what would have been part of the demo will be re-updated.

I'll give more updates later, shortly after the port and first few chapters.
18 April 2012

RMVXA Trial Time Running Out

The last post was on Good Friday, but I've not been able to continue with any projects because I was away for the Easter holidays. And then again for a further week, with no access to RMVXA.

This now means that my RMVXA trial now has 8 days of trial time left. I don't think it's really that useful for a program to have a 30-day trial based on the actual install date rather than the number of days used, especially given that it's not a viable option to access the program every day, thereby maximising the trial period. I've only used the trial a maximum of 9 days out of the 30-day trial thus far.

As it stands today, I have 8 days left to the trial. I don't know what's now going to happen with the Paranormality 1: Darkling demo, since I'm not sure if a week is sufficient to produce enough material for a playable demo. Probably only a basic one. So now the quandary is whether to continue with it, for which I'm only able to spend about an hour each day on the project, and attempt to produce a small playable demo or another storyline video. After the trial period expires, the project will be deferred until later.

I simply can't afford $90. It's not viable for me; work doesn't pay enough for creature comforts above basic rent, utilities and food. The paycheck I was expecting, which would pay for two-thirds of it, has been deferred a month (the rest I'd be able to fund on my own). The "makers of the maker" have offered a one-week-remaining discount of 15%, but I'm short. Oh, the vicissitudes of life!

I don't know at this point where it's going. I am currently taking a Ruby script course (another one), so even after the trial ends and even if I can't finish the Darkling project, I still have RMVX, which will be the main focus for a while afterwards.
06 April 2012

RMVXAce - Ruby Tutorial 1 RGSS3 Review

Following on from the Ruby Tutorials in RPG Maker Videos series, Gubid has started a tutorial for RMVXA/RGSS3. Here's the first video, which takes a look at some of the changes in RGSS3 from RGSS2.

The rest of the tutorials, along with the RMVX/RGSS2 ones, are on GubiD's YouTube Channel.
04 April 2012

Paranormality 1: Darkling - Project Demo #2

Continuing the Paranormality 1: Darkling project, this is the second video demo of the introduction.

Events are set in motion when a series of strange events and encounters occur. Ralph, a paranormalist, who lost his sister three years ago, is still dealing with her death. His partner, Diona, is tolerant of his creeping depression, but even that is starting to fray at the edges. How will things turn out? Find out in the next demo update, which will be a playable, downloadable one.

(Again, apologies in advance for the poor sound quality. I'm still getting used to this microphone; it's so powerful that it picks up all background noise and I don't know how to filter those out yet.)
01 April 2012

Have You Bought RPG Maker VX Ace? - March 2012 Poll Results

Last month's poll results are in, conducted the second half of March, and the results are surprising yet are not surprising at the same time. Out of 23 votes, only 18% (4 voters) either preordered or bought RMVXA when it was released. An overwhelming 61% (14 voters) said they couldn't afford it.

Indeed, at $90 RMVXA punches a huge hole in many enthusiasts' pockets, mine included. Not everyone is able fork out that kind of money, especially in today's economic climate. However, I have to say that Enterbrain did the right thing with their newest RPG Maker.

For all intents and purposes, RMVXA is an extension of its predecessor, but it goes beyond what RMVX was capable of with RGSS3 and feature-rich additions. In my opinion, RMVXA is not for "noobs", it's for the die-hards, for those who practically grew up with RPG Maker since RM2K and mastered each and every one of them since, and for programmers whose passion for producing some awesome scripts have made RMXP, RMVX and RMVXA what they are today.

Let's face it, VX Ace is good! So is it worth the $90 price tag? I have to say, although I personally can't afford it, yes it is!
29 March 2012

Paranormality 1: Darkling - Project Demo #1

Further to yesterday's post, I decided to go a little further and see if I can create a game before the Trial version expires.

Unfortunately, the microphone is so "powerful" as to pick up on the background noises and traffic (I might redo this video later, with improved sound quality). You might want to turn down the volume slightly before playing the video.

Scripts Used (So Far):
27 March 2012

Title Screen Animation (Experiment) - RMVXA

This is an experiment using RPG Maker VX Ace trial for an animated title screen I did. If there's no saved game the "Continue" option will not show, but when a game is saved "Continue" will be shown in the menu, as demonstrated in the video.

The mouse script is Jet's Mouse System (RGSS3) using a custom made cursor. The name of the font is "SF Gushing Meadow".
24 March 2012

Failed To Obtain nTiles Trial Serial Number

This is one of the most common problems. I had to reinstall RMVX after something became corrupted. I had the privelege of trying out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Bluntly, I don't like it - it's way too gimicky and iOS-ey for my liking - so uninstalled it and went back to the Windows 7/XP dual boot setup I had previously. RMVX was working just fine previously, but now it's not. I had to uninstall and reinstall it, but receive the infamous "Failed to obtain serial trial number from nTiles" error.

I know all about setting permissions, running as admin and running in XP compatibility, but it still won't go past this error for me to re-enter my activiation code. It's probably the firewall blocking something, but to be honest right now I can't be bothered with resolving it.

Instead, I'll focus on RMVXA (trial because I can't afford $90, nor could I afford the $75 during preorder) and some of the other makers I've been playing with. At least until I can reinstall Windows XP and try again.

And, of course, I'm still working on the RPG Maker Times Companion website, which will be all the way complete by the end of this month. (As a result, not only of the website development but also of the nTiles error, the demo for TGP demo will also be put on hold.)
20 March 2012

RPG Maker Times Collection Update

I'm getting ready to upload a huge update to RPG Maker Times Collection. That's partly why there haven't been updates to RPG Maker Times; I've been working feverishly on the website. Once it's all the way complete, then the time spent between the blog and the website will be reduced.

The updates will include:
  • All of the scripts I've written for RMXP and RMVX (except for the MMORPG Style Status Menu, which is still being rewritten for its integration into The Gladiator Project)
  • All of the tools and utilities on RPG Maker Times Companion, plus some additional ones which will also make their way onto RMT Companion. Note that some utilities, especially the ones that are hard to find or no longer available for download, are hosted on the site and can be downloaded directly.
  • All of the windowskins, each one indexed and categorised. This will result in the eventual deletion of the RPG Maker Times Windowskins blog because it won't be necessary. It may still be in its current Wordpress blog format, but only if I can host it on my current provider.
  • The RPG Maker Times FAQs site is also coming down, but with the FAQs placed on RMT Collection and with an opportunity for readers to ask questions about the RPG Makers. This won't be a forum - there are plenty of those already - but will be a Question & Answer type part of the website.
  • The RPG Maker 2K3 Master blog will finally be taken down, since most of its posts were transferred to RPG Maker Times anyway. It had a good 2-year run, but now it's time to say goodbye to it permanently.
  • Finally, RPG Maker Times IS going to have a layout change. I'm planning on going for something simpler. I was thinking something similar to the RM2K3 Master blog, with several enhancements. What do you think?
11 March 2012

New RPG Maker Times Collection Site Live

The RPG Maker Times Collection site is now online. This is part of an ongoing expansion for RPG Maker Times and, as I mentioned previously is designed as a repository for scripts, resources and additional materials contained on this blog, placed in one convenient place. Bear in mind that the site is still under some heavy construction, but progress is being made slowly and surely.

The RMVX Scripts/Addon-Ons Compendium script is now available for download from RPG Maker Times Collection also. This is the ultra up-to-date version and contains the following scripts/scriptlets:

Battle Start Announce Image: Displays an announcer image at the start of the battle.
Critical Hit Flash Screen: Flashes the screen when a party member performs a Critical Hit.
Extra Stats Window: Displays several additional statistics, such as number of battles fought/won, number of towns visited and number of times saved.
Game Progress Window: Displays the current game progress as a percentage.
Location Window: Displays the current map location.
Parameter Equip +/- Icons: Shows icons next to parameters on the Equipment screen according to stat increase/decrease when equipment is equipped/removed.
Window_Status Parameter Options: Optional feature to display the "hidden" parameters (Hit, Evasion, Critical and Odds) in the Status Menu.
09 March 2012

Moving Through Treacle Update

That's how I feel, like I'm moving through treacle. So many things I'd like to do, so many projects on the go, and only so much time to do them. I guess this is where those good time management skills can come out of hibernation now. Anyway, onto some updates.

001 Engine

I've been playing around with the Engine 001 for about a week now. It's pretty damn hot actually and very easy to use, although in the beginning the learning curve can be a bit steep if you're not used to it. One of the things I absolutely love about this maker is that scripting is achieved by selecting the options from a complex set of commands (a bit like the Event Commands in the RPG Makers), which is then displayed in a kind of flow chart format. I haven't even scratched the surface of its potential yet, but from what I've seen it'll be a good one to use and include on RPG Maker Times. And I guess this is where the expert guestbloggers come in handy too because, frankly, I don't know my way around 001 Engine enough yet to justify putting any kind of tutorials up.

RPG Maker Times Collection

I started some serious work on the RPG Maker Times Collection website. Regular visitors will already know that it's a repository for much of the materials on RPG Maker Times, rather than having them strewn all over the place.

At the moment, the site is still a bit messy, with broken links and a lack of real content. I'll be working on that bit by bit, so regular visitors to the site should start noticing something more concrete as time goes on.

The Gladiator Project

I've finally finished Stage One of the MMORPG Styled 3D Model Status/Equip script. Using a combination of Make Human (a program that allows you to create 3D models) and GIMP Shop, I've ended up with a much better, cleaner model than previously. In versions above 1.0, this will be fully integrated into KGC's Equip Extension script.

RPG Maker Times Cartoon Strip

As many of you will probably already know, especially if you've read the previous post about this topic, I've started creating a few random cartoons. At the moment, the main Cartoon Strip is hosted at Wordpress, but y'know, I'm just not happy with it. So today I'll be migrating it over to Blogger, which means that I may finally end up using one of the Dynamic Layouts I've been eyeing up for a while. But we'll see how it goes.

That's it for another exciting update. Stay tuned until the next one!
07 March 2012

Guardian Spirits Summon Tests (RMVXA)

With the imminent release of RMVXA, I figured I'd check out YouTube to see what others are showcasing there. And I happened across this video, which grabbed my attention. It looks quite cool.

01 March 2012

Ruby Tutorials in RPG Maker Videos

While browsing around YouTube a while ago, I happened across some video tutorials. They are for RMVX only, but it shouldn't be difficult to port them over to RMXP. I've actually been going through them recently and have been learning a few tricks.

The first video tutorial - "vidorial"? - addresses a commonly asked question: How to remove the Save option from the Status Menu. Simple enough to do, but there are other areas you'll need to find to completely disable it, as the video explains.

Anyway, enough preamble.

Most of the tutorials on this channel are quite informative, easy to follow, and aimed more at the beginner to intermediate programmer. I'd highly recommend viewing the videos from the beginning. Experts, however, obviously have no need. At the time of writing this post, the current tutorial is at 18.
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