29 April 2012

Faceset Generator List (RMVX/XP) - Part #1

While going through my bookmarks, I came across a few Faceset Generators, which I thought I'd share.
  • RMVX/RMXP Faceset Generator - I haven't really investigated this program thoroughly yet (expect me too soon though), but from what I can gather it's a really good utility. In addition to creating your own unique facesets with a plethora of resources, including randomization, you can also modify the colors. From what I've seen so far, this is a winner and a definite addition to your RPG Maker utilities library.
  • Celianna's Faceset Generator - Again, I've not tried this yet, but it looks good. The only reason I've not investigated this is because it's not an actual installable utility, it's a .PSD file, which for those unfamiliar with the extension is a Photoshop Document file. Most modern graphic editors, such as Photoshop (of course), GIMP and Paint.net, can handle using .PSD files. Each component becomes a "layer", which can be dragged and dropped onto one another to create some awesome facesets. Again, this is something I'll be looking into further when I have the time (I've literally just finished installing GIMP and am still finding my way around it proper).
  • Faceset Laboratory - This is an online generator with a lot of different options. The link is in Chinese because the Google-translated site doesn't display the images properly, if at all. The English version can still be viewed for reference for those who can't speak Chinese. On a side-note, it appears there are no options to create male characters per se, only female characters, although at a push male-looking characters can still be created.
  • Character Generation System - This is the original, and best in my opinion, generator for RMVX facesets. Primarily, it's a sprite generator but includes a matching faceset, based loosely on the RTP graphics. Most of the characters I've created for RMVX projects have used this website. (The link goes to the Google-translated version.)
  • Anime Face Maker - As the title suggests, this Flash generator is designed to make cutesy Anime-style faces, which can then be used as facesets. I like this generator, even though I'd have no real cause to utilize it fully, and spent a while playing around with it, creating a cool-looking "bearded lady"!
There are several other noteworthy face makers, which I'll list in another post. In the meantime, have fun designing and generating!
26 April 2012

Paranormality Darkling Demo & Webisodes

My RMVXA trial has now ended, but because life has swept me away this month I've only experienced 9 days out of the 30 day trial. This means that the RMVXA project (along with the demo) will now no longer be available. As I mentioned previously, having an actual 30-day trial rather than a 30 day usage trial is NOT useful to me at all. Of course, I'll buy RMVXA, it's just a question of when I can afford that $90 pricetag, and the way it's been lately - with too many very large companies demanding very large sums of money - it won't be soon enough.

All is not necessarily lost. I'm making provision for porting the entire project over to RMVX instead. There won't be a playable or interactive demo, as I'd planned for RMVXA, but rather a series of webisodes telling the story of Ralph and his quest for his missing sister, presumed dead. All made with RMVX. The previous videos showcasing what would have been part of the demo will be re-updated.

I'll give more updates later, shortly after the port and first few chapters.
18 April 2012

RMVXA Trial Time Running Out

The last post was on Good Friday, but I've not been able to continue with any projects because I was away for the Easter holidays. And then again for a further week, with no access to RMVXA.

This now means that my RMVXA trial now has 8 days of trial time left. I don't think it's really that useful for a program to have a 30-day trial based on the actual install date rather than the number of days used, especially given that it's not a viable option to access the program every day, thereby maximising the trial period. I've only used the trial a maximum of 9 days out of the 30-day trial thus far.

As it stands today, I have 8 days left to the trial. I don't know what's now going to happen with the Paranormality 1: Darkling demo, since I'm not sure if a week is sufficient to produce enough material for a playable demo. Probably only a basic one. So now the quandary is whether to continue with it, for which I'm only able to spend about an hour each day on the project, and attempt to produce a small playable demo or another storyline video. After the trial period expires, the project will be deferred until later.

I simply can't afford $90. It's not viable for me; work doesn't pay enough for creature comforts above basic rent, utilities and food. The paycheck I was expecting, which would pay for two-thirds of it, has been deferred a month (the rest I'd be able to fund on my own). The "makers of the maker" have offered a one-week-remaining discount of 15%, but I'm short. Oh, the vicissitudes of life!

I don't know at this point where it's going. I am currently taking a Ruby script course (another one), so even after the trial ends and even if I can't finish the Darkling project, I still have RMVX, which will be the main focus for a while afterwards.
06 April 2012

RMVXAce - Ruby Tutorial 1 RGSS3 Review

Following on from the Ruby Tutorials in RPG Maker Videos series, Gubid has started a tutorial for RMVXA/RGSS3. Here's the first video, which takes a look at some of the changes in RGSS3 from RGSS2.

The rest of the tutorials, along with the RMVX/RGSS2 ones, are on GubiD's YouTube Channel.
04 April 2012

Paranormality 1: Darkling - Project Demo #2

Continuing the Paranormality 1: Darkling project, this is the second video demo of the introduction.

Events are set in motion when a series of strange events and encounters occur. Ralph, a paranormalist, who lost his sister three years ago, is still dealing with her death. His partner, Diona, is tolerant of his creeping depression, but even that is starting to fray at the edges. How will things turn out? Find out in the next demo update, which will be a playable, downloadable one.

(Again, apologies in advance for the poor sound quality. I'm still getting used to this microphone; it's so powerful that it picks up all background noise and I don't know how to filter those out yet.)
01 April 2012

Have You Bought RPG Maker VX Ace? - March 2012 Poll Results

Last month's poll results are in, conducted the second half of March, and the results are surprising yet are not surprising at the same time. Out of 23 votes, only 18% (4 voters) either preordered or bought RMVXA when it was released. An overwhelming 61% (14 voters) said they couldn't afford it.

Indeed, at $90 RMVXA punches a huge hole in many enthusiasts' pockets, mine included. Not everyone is able fork out that kind of money, especially in today's economic climate. However, I have to say that Enterbrain did the right thing with their newest RPG Maker.

For all intents and purposes, RMVXA is an extension of its predecessor, but it goes beyond what RMVX was capable of with RGSS3 and feature-rich additions. In my opinion, RMVXA is not for "noobs", it's for the die-hards, for those who practically grew up with RPG Maker since RM2K and mastered each and every one of them since, and for programmers whose passion for producing some awesome scripts have made RMXP, RMVX and RMVXA what they are today.

Let's face it, VX Ace is good! So is it worth the $90 price tag? I have to say, although I personally can't afford it, yes it is!
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