17 July 2013

RPG Maker DS Resource Pack - Promo Video

Although RPG Maker DS was only available in Japan, thanks to the folks at RPG Maker Web anyone can own the resources (graphics and music).

Invoking the feel of SNES-era RPGs, RPG Maker DS was a big hit in Japan. Unfortunately, it hasn't made it over to North America (yet). What has made it over however is a boatload of resources and graphical goodies.

We've taken the original resources and modified them (when necessary) to work perfectly with RPG Maker VX Ace. This resource pack is our biggest to date (even bigger than the original RPG Maker VX Ace RTP!!).
You can buy this awesome pack for only $29.99.
Get your copy of RPG Maker DS Resource Pack today!
13 July 2013

Changes Are Afoot

There are going to be several changes to the way the RPG Maker Times collective sites function.

After careful consideration, I've come up with a solution I believe will benefit all of my visitors. While, for the most part, all of the pages on this blog will remain intact the majority have been duplicated to RPG Maker Times Companion as pages.

RPG Maker Times will remain as it is, but with more news articles on RPG Maker (XP, VX and VX Ace), as well as other RPG Makers. I don't have the time to actually review or test each one, but the news will be in the form of articles taken from their corresponding social media pages or websites, along with appropriate links. This way I can maintain the blog with more posts more easily to fit in with my current time schedule.

There will also be site announcements here whenever there are updates to the RPG Maker Times domain and subdomain websites. I'd also like to give this blog an overhaul - layout-wise - which has been deferred for too long. This might not be the actual template, but certainly some of the sidebar widgets and a much cleaner, more dynamic layout.

RPG Maker Times Companion will focus more on resources and tools/utilities, as well as my scripts and tutorials. I'm presently trying to bring all the tutorials up-to-date to include all of the present RPG Makers (RM2K3, XP, VX and VXA), including organising demos. This is an ongoing task, which will take some time to complete.

Also, the Windowskins page is being reformated to make it easier to view the windowskins. While still unfinished, its current setup has an index page indicating which windowskin is compatible with which RPG Maker, but it's not working. I'm looking for something much more dynamic, so the results will be easier to edit but at the same time slightly less cumbersome to view.

As far as the Projects is concerned, this entire section (as well as the projects themselves) have been put on hold while the changes and updates take place. This may take some time, but at some point I'm determined to rekindle them, particularly "The Gladiator Project", which I've worked hard on developing (despite the fact that it's been ongoing and deferred a number of times). As a side-note, the actual projects pages are not updated at all yet; they're just placeholders for now.

So, as you can see, I will be busy for a while. In between work, RPG Making and my other major baby, Paranormal Footprints, I've a LOT of work to do, so please bear with me. I will focus on them as and when time permits.
03 July 2013

Just A Quick Update

I've gone through the posts on this blog and rectified the ones that were missing or no longer working. No doubt I've missed a few, so let me know and I'll fix them. This includes links no longer working to software, utilities and online resource sites.

RPG Maker Times Companion has had a number of updates, including tutorials and utilities. I'm putting the updates on the home page for now, but as the rest of the (original) pages are completed, the updates will become more informative again.

The next project after this will be the windowskins.
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