21 December 2009

Game Progress Script

I originally wrote this script for RMXP, although adapted to RMVX (both scripts are available below).

Sometimes it's useful to know how far into a game you are. This script measures your progress in the form of a percentage (click on the screenshot to see what I mean). When you have completed certain tasks, you can add to the progress percentage.

The inspiration for this particular script came when I was reviewing the Status for my game, The Gladiator Project (TGP), thinking that something was missing, though I just didn't know what.

But then it came to me that, since some Roman Gladiators fought their way to the top, I figured why not have some kind of measurement on how close to "freedom" you are. So here's the script.

To install:

  • Copy and paste the appropriate script above Main.

  • When you want to update the "progress percentage", place the following in an event:

    $game_variables[1] += 5

    This will add 5 to the percentage.
20 December 2009

More Windowskins VX #3

Here are some more RMVX windowskins. All of the windowskins on this blog are compiled on RPG Maker Times Companion, where you can view examples of these (and all the other) RMVX and RMXP windowskins. Right-click and save the image to your hard drive.

Cerulean RMVX WindowskinChrome RMVX WindowskinCloudy RMVX Windowskin>
GrapeOrange SunSaffron
Grape RMVX WindowskinOrange Sun RMVX WindowskinSaffron RMVX Windowskin
 Water 1 RMVX Windowskin 

The next windowskin update will be for RMXP, including conversions of some of these RMVX windowskins.
18 December 2009

The Gladiator Project Update #2

Progress on The Gladiator Project (TGP from now on) has been slow but steady, as I've been working more on functionality and aesthetics first. The bulk of that has now been taken care of, so I'll be starting on the game itself next.

The first completed update is the main menu. As I mentioned previously, it is based very loosely on Rubymatt's Compact Menu System, adapted to fit TGP and its purposes.

Most of the menu items are functional, but might be changed later.

  • Inventarium Inventory: List of items.
       At the moment this is the default item list. I might implement KGC's Item Categorization script (translated and modified by Mr. Anonymous and Blackmorning respectively), although I might change it or remod it later.
  • Artificii - Skills: List of skills and arts.
       I have yet to create any gladiator-specific skills, but will most likely design them from scratch as they are needed. In keeping with the "sortables", I might have a script that sorts skills according to type.
  • Armamentum - Equipment: Weapons, armor and accessories.
       This may or may not remain the same as the default, depending on several other factors as the game progresses, including additional sound effects for individual pieces of equipment.
  • Status Quo - Status: Character profiles.
       The Status Quo is 90% complete. I added some of RMVX's extra features (unavailable in RMXP) plus visual icon-based status effects. There are a few things missing from it, but for the most part it's done.
  • Diarium Facti - Achievements: List of awards and achievements.
       I haven't decided exactly how the "reward & punishment" system (based on reputation) will work yet, but will use SojaBird's Achievements script for this.
  • Societas Amicitiae - Alliances: Factions and inter-gang relations.
       This features SojaBird's excellent Factions (Reborn) script - perfect for TGP's specific needs.
  • Descriptum Bestaria - Bestiary: Compendium of enemies fought.
       I've chosen to use Falcao's Dinamic Monsters Bestiary script for this, as it fits TGP's needs adequately.
  • Laboris Tabulae - Job Log: List of tasks and quests received.
       I've used Modern Algebra's excellent Quest Log to log the questae (quests) because of its versatility and dynamism.
  • Conservo Progresso - Save Progress: Record your game progress.
       The best and most attractive save system is Woratana's NEO Save System, which is what's being used in TGP.
  • Ratio Bene - Options: Change various in-game options.
       For this, I've used Yanfly's Menu System Options script.

There are still two sections to the menu that have no real functions yet, but that will come as the game progresses.
16 December 2009

RPG Maker DS Release Date

Enterbrain formally announced (in October) a release date for the long anticipated RPG Tsukuru DS, as it's called. The title is expected to cost 5460 yen, but there has been no news about a US or EU version or release dates announced so far.

The release of RPG Tsukuru DS, originally scheduled for release in Japan on January 28, 2010, has now been postponed until March 11, 2010. This was announced on the Enterbrain website (11 November).

Nintendo Orimashita, devoted to developing RPG Maker for the launch date [January 28, 2010] for the DS For RPG Maker, has decided to change the release date to make further improvements on the content and quality of game...

We apologize to everyone in the media and distribution and for any inconvenience, and especially to everyone who was looking forward to the release date more than anyone else.

The following excerpt is taken from the Gamer Grenade News Blog, which gives some idea as to what it will be like:

RPG Tsukuru DS will allow players to make their very own Japanese-style RPG, defining everything from characters and world maps to monsters and equipment. The tools are all touch-screen compatible, making the creation process a lot faster than before, and players will be able to use Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, in order to exchange game data with other friends, although the exact details are still yet to be determined.

In addition RPG Maker features an easy-to-use toolset and transforms instruction into worlds allowing players to produce exciting and enchanting games. They choose their characters, worlds, 1,500 items, landscapes, 150 music pieces, add a script, share creations with other users and more. Players have the ability to create the biggest and best RPG with an epic storyline.

I know that I'm looking forward to trying this title - if it is released in English - so only time will tell what Enterbrain decides to do.
15 December 2009

Woodcutting Tutorial - RM2K3

Woodcutting DemoAn accompanying demo is available with this tutorial.

This is how to create a basic woodcutting process in RM2K3, similar to that used in Runescape, but without the experience points gained.

Using the "defaults" from a new Project, first create two common items: Handaxe and Logs.

Also, create a variable to store the number of logs chopped. In this example, 0001:Wood.

Next, create a map and place a few events on it, setting the event graphics to trees. Make sure you name each one differently, as each one also has a matching switch. For this tutorial, I created 4 "tree events", named Tree1, Tree2, Tree3 and Tree4.

Create another event for the Woodcutter, who will give you an axe with which to chop the trees down. In the Woodcutter's Event Commands, we'll need to set it up so that:

  • He first checks to see if you have a Handaxe. If not, he'll give you one. If so, he'll tell you how many logs you've chopped.
  • If you've collected the required number of logs (in this case 10), he'll congratulate you. If not, continue until you have the number of logs.

The code for this is as follows:
<>Branch if Handaxe Possessed
  <>Branch if Var[0001:Wood] is 10
    <>Message: Congratulations! You've collected 10 logs.
  : Else Handler
    <>Message: You've collected \V[1] out of 10 logs.
  : End
: Else Handler
  <>Message: You don't have an axe! Here, have this one!
  <>Change Items: Handaxe 1 Add
: End
The next step is to set up the trees so that they can be chopped down and you'll receive some logs. We'll start with the "Tree1" event.

Create 2 pages. In the Event Commands (Page 1), we need to:

  • Check once more if you have a Handaxe - you can't chop trees down with your bare hands, after all.
  • If not, display an appropriate message.
  • If so, change the tree to a stump and add the logs to the inventory, not forgetting to "store" the number of logs possessed.
  • Finally, add some sound effects and chop away!
<>Branch if Handaxe Possessed
  <>Play Sound: Axe Swing
  <>Wait 1.0 Sec
  <>Play Sound: Axe Swing
  <>Wait 1.0 Sec
  <>Play Sound: Axe Swing
  <>Wait 1.0 Sec
  <>Play Sound: Tree Falling
  <>Switch Operation: [0001:Tree1] ON
  <>Message: You received some logs.
  <>Change Items: Logs 1 Add
  <>Variable Oper: [0001:Wood] + , 1
: Else Handler
  <>Message: You'll need a handaxe to chop this tree.
: End

On Page 2, set the first switch under "Preconditions" to 0001:Tree1 and the "Event Graphic" to that of a tree stump.

Repeat the steps for the other tree events, changing the name of the switch to match the name of the event, i.e. in event Tree2 the switch name would be Tree2, and so on.

Now, of course, since we only created four trees, but need 10 logs for the tutorial, the trees would need to regrow. For this, we need to create a simple variable-based timer. Set the "Trigger Condition" (on Page 2) to "Parallel Process". In the Event Commands, place the following:
<>Variable Oper: [0002:Seconds] Set , 0
<>Wait 5.0 Sec
<>Variable Oper:[0002:Seconds] + , 1
<>Branch if Var [0002:Seconds is 5
  <>Switch Operation: [000:Tree1] OFF
: Else Handler
  <>Jump to Label:1
: End
Repeat for the other Tree events, once again changing the Switch Operation to the corresponding event name.

When you've collected 10 logs, speak to the Woodcutter and demo over.

Poll Results - December 1-13

The results of December's first poll are in!

Voters opted for more RMXP stuff (windowskins, scripts and charsets). So, it looks like my copy of RMXP will need to come out of hibernation.

At the moment, my preference is RMVX as the RPG Maker of choice for my project, The Gladiator Project. The reason for that is because RGSS2 is much more versatile, with several additional features not available in RGSS, that suit my needs for the project.

That said, and with the poll results in mind, what I'll do for the next few entries is this:

  • RM2K/2 - A basic "woodcutting" tutorial, which I recently rediscovered from a Runescape type project I started making quite some time ago.
  • RMVX - Another few updates on The Gladiator Project, including a tailor-made Status screen, menus and a Dramatis Personae.
  • RMXP - A few more windowskins, some of which are converted from RMVX, and a few scriptlets to start with.

Thanks again to all who voted in this poll.
12 December 2009

RPG Maker XP Windowskins

Here are some RMXP windowskins. Clicking on the windowskin will redirect to the RPG Maker Times Resource Center, where you can view examples of these (and all the other) windowskins.I am not an artist, but like experimenting with different things, although I do find it easier to create RMVX windowskins than RMXP ones.

Final Fantasy IFinal Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy I RMXP WindowskinFinal Fantasy IX RMXP Windowskin
Parchment #1
Parchment 1 RMXP WindowskinI'll try and create some more RMXP windowskins as I feel inspired, or convert existing RMVX windowskins to RMXP format.
06 December 2009

The Gladiator Project Update #1

After a hiatus in development, I started working on the project again, now that I have more time. I spent some time designing an appropriate windowskin (see below) and deciding on the content of the menu, tweaking the necessary scripts for it.

These are the areas in particular that have updates:

  • Roma Windowskin - Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    Windowskin: This windowskin was designed from scratch, primarily to give a kind of Romanesque feel to it. I may yet change it slightly, since the silver "dagger" pointers don't look right and add a background texture to it.
  • Plot/Direction: The plot has been reworked from its original RM2K3 incarnation, instead taking a completely different direction than its original. The RM2K3 version simply placed characters in a gladiatorial arena setting, hacking and slashing and gaining kudos and prizes. The plot now has much more depth to it than that, and there are plenty twists and turns - and surprises - to pique interest.
  • Scene_Menu - Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    Click on the image for a larger view (opens in a new window)
    Menu System: This two-column menu was created for aesthetics more than convenience, based very loosely on Rubymatt's Compact Menu System. It has an in-built help window to explain what each menu option means, since they are in Latin. With the extra windows for the gold (denarii) and map location, along with the extra game variables on the right-hand side, I think it makes a solid menu.

And starting some time this week, I will be working on the game itself. Eventually perhaps I can have some kind of demo.
02 December 2009

More Windowskins VX #2

Here are six more RMVX windowskins. The windowskins on this blog have been compiled on the RPG Maker Times Companion, where you can view these (and all the other) RMVX windowskins.

Black MarblePink MarbleOld Parchment #2
Black Marble RMVX WindowskinPink Marble RMVX WindowskinOld Parchment 2 RMVX Windowskin
Old Parchment #3Skin LeatherValentine
Old Parchment 3 RMVX WindowskinSkin Leather RMVX WindowskinValentine RMVX Windowskin

The next windowskin update will be for RMXP.
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