22 May 2014

Developer's Mode Script

It can be tedious when developing games to go through the Title Screen each time when playtesting them. Developer's Mode enables you to bypass the Title Screen completely and go directly into the game, without having to select "New Game". Hence, the Developer's Mode Script.

During development (unless you're modifying the Title screen itself), you can turn "Developer's Mode" on and then switch it off to playtest the game all the way through. Then, when the game is finished, the script can be deleted. Or it can be kept in if players want to skip past the title and any beginning cutscenes.

I originally created this during the development of The Gladiator Project, where it became necessary to playtest frequently to fine-tune the layouts and positions of items.
21 May 2014

Windowskins & The Gladiator Project Demo


The windowskins are almost completely ported over. All that's left is the finishing touches and making sure all the links work properly. And then I'll be able to create some more.

Coliseum Header Image - From the MMORPG I play, Aion - © NCSOFT

The Gladiator Project Demo

A small demo will be available for The Gladiator Project (TGP) game soon (I'm hoping for the weekend), so you can play at least up to the Training Arena. And then, as progress continues, I'll continue to release further demos or playable areas. Further updates on TGP are on the official site or you can subscribe to its Facebook page.
11 May 2014

Windowskins Integrating With The Blog

The Windowskins subdomain is migrating to RPG Maker Times & Companion. The old site will remain but it won't be updated.

This is part of the integration process to make it easier to update. I do have a few more windowskins to update and convert, so once the migration is complete the new windowskins will be added. This also includes the windowskins tutorials, both old and new.

I'll be using the Windowskin Generator and adding my own graphics to create new ones on a more regular basis as well.
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