17 March 2014

RPG 20XX Engine Redux

A while ago I wrote an article about RPG 20XX. It has since had an update. According to the site's blurb:

RPG 20XX is a redesign of RPG Maker 20XX... Which was an upgrade replacement for RPG Maker 2003's engine. This newer engine will have nothing to do with the RPG Maker series of engines apart from the familiarity of the editor and engine features.

RPG 20XX should provide lots of advanced features yet remain faithful to the retro scale of RPG Maker 2003. It should not require actual writing of program scripts and instead provide a clever implementation of a click-together event scripting system similar to the older RPG Maker engines. Most notably the ability to re-adjust the battle calculations purely through event scripting.

Lots of common tedium and annoyances of RPG Maker 2003 should be eliminated. RPG 20XX will provide global battle events for all battles, a quest system, simplified character development, local save variables per event, and other simple conveniences.

Lastly, there is a need for an engine that runs on older and more modern systems. A game created with RPG 20XX now will be much easier to get running again in the year 20XX later. All of this is currently licensed under the GNU GPL v3 so you can check out the source code any time if you really wanted to. It will be a community project, free as in price and in freedom to create the RPGs in a fun familiar way like you always wished RPG Maker 2003 could do these days.

So, this is definitely something to look into. I'll be checking it out during my days off.
16 March 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Image borrowed from Blingee

Attack of The Blog Gremlins!

It appears that gremlins have invaded RPG Maker Times!

Borrowed from BubbleWS

The layout is messed up, although I suspect it's due to a re-import of the prototype skin that resulted in many of the additional coding (including the tabs layout) being overwritten.

From this point, I may just return to the previous layout and redo the style sheets accordingly - kind of like a child theme - or I'll re-imagine this one and make it much better. It's too bad Blogger's dynamic templates are so limited and cumbersomely uncustomizable; otherwise, I'd use one of those and add the same widgets I have now.

I've a lot of work to do on this site and the RPG Maker Times & Companion blog, which I can only do on my days off unfortunately, resulting in slow but steady progress.
12 March 2014

Windowskins Update

The Windowskins blog has been updated. Most of the windowskins have now been updated; I'm sure there are others I've done but overlooked, so I'll check and update accordingly.

The Windowskins Tutorials currently on the main blogsite will be migrated to the RPG Maker Times Windowskins, with the current posts already in place simply redirected.

The focus will then shift onto properly recategorising and tagging the windowskins to make searching easier. Updates will then continue on the rest of the blogs.
11 March 2014

Work on Merged Blogsite Continues

Work on RPG Maker Times & Companion is continuing. Right now, I'm attempting to streamline it by cleaning up some of the widgets, along with the categories and tags list, and some of the posts.

As far as this blog is concerned: It will still continue, as it has been, but the major posts and articles will now appear on the RPG Maker Times & Companion blogsite, with links posted here. Any other articles posted here will also be replicated on the other as well. A number of links on this blog no longer work, but they're being updated on the other blogsite, and will eventually be modified here as well, since the main focus will now be on the domain name blog.

I'm also in the process of revamping the Windowskins subdomain. This year, you can also expect more windowskins and a better keyword search feature (search engine optimized) to make it easier to find specific types of windowskins.

I don't have much time to spend on this re-organization, but I'm determined to spend in between 2-3 hours per day on it to bring it up-to-date and where I'd like it to be. Keep checking (both blogs) regularly for updates.
06 March 2014

Blog Update/Revamp Continues

As the merging of this blog and RPG Maker Times & Companion continues, I've started revamping the tags system for easier reference.

Although progress is slow, it's a lot easier than I thought it would be. Still a lot of work to go before completion, so here are some of the things being worked on:

Other areas to be worked on are the Resources section. This includes the Windowskins, which will eventually be complete.

I'll continue working on this in between work and my days off.

And then from that point on, the big updates will be on RPG Maker Times & Companion, while the updates on this blog will point to the pages there.
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