27 November 2013

Visual Equip Script (RMVXA)

The Visual Equip script allows you to change the graphic of the character according to equipment and other conditions. It's also possible to set custom graphics to actors, classes, weapons, armours and events.

You can also head over to Candy Coded Response for some additional graphics sets, including armour, hairstyles and accessories.

Note: This requires the Victor Engine - Basic Module to run.
13 November 2013

RPG Maker Times Companion Revamp Update

The RPG Maker Times Companion blog is undergoing a few changes. Instead of being the primary host for RPG Maker Times & Companion, most of the scripts, resources, utilities and other downloads are being migrated to its root domain name. Posts and articles relating to them will become updates, with links to the corresponding sections and related ones here will point to those sections as well.

I'm not quite sure how to index the sections on RPG Maker Times Companion yet, but as it stands right now only the main sections and scripts have been indexed. The layout may change in due time to a different "magazine" layout; I'm just not sure yet. I'm also hoping to recategorize the windowskins and maybe create some more, including tutorials.

Because I've started my new job, working the night shift, updates will take place during my days off.

08 November 2013

Q-Engine Version 3.0 Release Date

The Q-Engine version 3.0 is finally complete. It will be released (replacing the current version on the site) on 20 November 2013, if not sooner. Subsequent add-ons will most likely be included as add-on modules.

The primary aim of the Q-Engine is to extra features and functions to RMVX. It was originally built to incorporate all of the scripts from the Scripts/Addon-Ons Compendium (no longer updated, since it’s been completely integrated into the Q-Engine). It's designed as a plug-and-play script. A comprehensive manual (for RMVX) is available in both DOC and PDF formats. The current version on the site is 1.0, with version 2.0 still cited as a "Release Candidate", which will be updated soon. Version 3.0 is ready and will be fully integrated with the Universal Settings Module, as will all of my scripts.
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