01 June 2010

The Gladiator Project - Update #4

TGP had been put on hold for a while, but I've started working on it again. What rekindled my interest was a movie I saw that inspired me and a visit from SojaBird (whose Achievements script I was using on and off). So, in light of my renewed inspiration and drive, I rewrote the plot and started the entire project from scratch.

The following have been implemented in the game and are final.

Title Menu

In a previous update, I implemented a demo video of the title screen. As you can see the menu itself has changed significantly. I'm still using Moghunter's Animated Title and Dr.?'s Credits scripts.

The game does contain several in-game movies, extensively utilizing Berka's nonpareil Game Film II Reloaded script. In fact, this is the ONLY movie script I've found that works efficaciously. Unfortunately, this does mean an increase in size but it will be worth it, unless I have two versions (one with the movies, one without).

At the moment, the movies have been extracted from commercial movies, since I don't have a mega budget to create my own, so as it stands for now these will only appear in the "personal" version but may not appear in the demo or final versions. As a side-note, the movies I've modeled the in-game clips on are Gladiator, Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Extinction and Flatliners, also with clips from the mini series Space: Above and Beyond, as the segments I've used encapsulate what TGP is all about and progresses the plot. I could put the "Intro" movie on here if I can get past the copyrighted material dilemma, alongside a "Don't Sue Me" disclaimer!!
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