31 May 2010

Basic Map Location Script

This basic script allows the map location to be displayed on the Status Menu. In other words, whatever the name of the map is will be shown there.

The map information is stored in "DataInfos" (located in the Data folder). The script is the same, but the extensions are different for RMXP (rxdata) and RMVX (rvdata).

So, to insert the location in a new window, the following is used:

map_name = load_data("Data/MapInfos.rxdata")
self.contents.draw_text (0, 0, self.contents.width, 32, data[$game_map.map_id].name, 2)

map_name = load_data("Data/MapInfos.rvdata")[$game_map.map_id].name
contents.draw_text(x, y, self.contents.width, WLH, map_name, 2)

17 May 2010

TGP - Guilty As Charged

I'm guilty of neglecting this blog again! The trouble is I tend to focus on too many projects at once, unable to limit to one or two. It must be something to do with having a fertile imagination or an attention deficiency!

One of the major distractions lately has been Perfect World, a deadly cocktail of MMORPG obsession, timewasting and craving for inspiration. That was until the inevitable, mandatory "party quests" I so hate, where quests become available at a certain level but they are "elite" monsters and you will not be able to defeat them either without leveling up first or without a party. I don't mind party-questing, just not so early in the game. It kinda spoiled it for me and I uninstalled the game - for now at least.

That doesn't mean I've been away from RPG Maker. I've been continuing work on TGP (The Gladiator Project) lately, tweaking the Status Menu, taking out features and reimplementing them, modifying events and gameplay. Most importantly, however, I've been rewriting the entire underlying plot, strengthening it and deciding its final direction. I'm not going to give anything away.

What totally renewed my interest and inspiration in continuing TGP is actually two things:

The first is a movie I watched - forgotten the title already! - which gave me some solid ideas, so instead of stagnating and going in circles it's full steam ahead once more.

The second is a visit from SojaBird, one of my "coding heroes" (alongside ModernAlgebra and Yanfly) from whose scripts I've learned so much about structure, format and how RGSS works in general.

Because I've meticulously reworked the entire project, essentially starting from scratch, including a lot of the scripts I previously omitted or removed (temporarily or otherwise).

I will post an update on TGP hopefully this month or next month, although I'm in the process of relocating so might not be able to. But I am hoping for a demo (at least of the first "chapter") by the end of the year.
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