About Wulf

I'm a writer first and foremost, having been writing since childhood. I've had several short stories and poems published in various magazines, anthologies and fanzines; some have been self-published.

I'm also an active parapsychologist, having spent most of my life studying paranormal phenomena, including investigative and experimental parapsychology. I'm also an online spiritual adviser, guiding clients through life, love and marital issues.

My other passions include MMORPGs - favorites at the moment being zOMG, GodsWar Online and Grand Fantasia - and creating games using any of the RPG Maker series, although admittedly none have "seen the light" so far.

My current RPG Maker projects are Ars Mechanicum 1: Genesis and The Gladiator Project (currently being redeveloped for RMVX and RMXP).
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