24 February 2011

Forthcoming Updates & Other News

Life has been hectic, as it tends to do, especially when you have so many projects on the go that there's no time to complete them all. I thought I'd publish a new update.

In the next few posts (time permitting), I'd like to publish the following:

  • A list of all of the resource websites for RPG Maker - finally!
  • Some more windowskins, perhaps this time including some of the specific designs that visitors have been looking for (according to trends outlined in Statcounter and Google Analytics).
  • Another update on Ars Magia 1: Genesis, which, by the way, will officially be given the name change of Ars Mechanica. This is primarily to avoid all confusion with Atlus Games' tabletop RPG and any subsequent possible copyright infringements.
  • A few more tutorials, including expansions to the Complete Chest Tutorial, along with demos for all RPG Makers.
  • A better navigation bar, which will include all collections across the RPG Maker Times network.

The Ars Magia novella - also officially renamed Ars Mechanica - is nearing completion, at least as a prequel to the game. It is being expanded to a full novel prior to publication; I'm hoping this will be mainstream, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Ars Mechanica, the game, is at a standstill, but only because I'm creating and translating the maps and trying to decide whether or not an overland main map a la Final Fantasy would work better than the original interlinking maps I had in mind.

Regular readers will probably know that I've been experimenting with and reworking The Gladiator Project for use with RMXP. I must say that it is working much better than in RMVX and I'm having a great deal of fun with it. So, some time in the near future I will officially be continuing with it.

So ends another update. I'll obviously have way too much to occupy my time over the next few days, weeks even, but I'll post something soon!
16 February 2011

Time For A New Layout - Poll Results

According to the poll results for January/February 2011, the majority of voters want a facelift for RPG Maker Times. Over 60% of voters in fact.

Interestingly, 27.27% are in favour of a layout change, 36.36% want to see a prototype first, and 18.18% are either in favour of keeping this one or aren't bothered. That leaves 63.63% total votes for the new facelift. Aside from these double digits or "gateway" numbers, numerologically speaking, is that the totals (63.63) equals 9 - 63+63 = 126; 1+2+6 = 9 or 6+3 and 6+3 = 9 and 9; 9+9 = 18; 1+8 = 9.

Among the numerological meanings for the number 9 (with the blog and its new layout in mind) are:
  • Socially Conscious - Encouraging visitors to have a say in its direction and layout, including with prototype templates, and acting on it as best I can. The blog is even being shared on Facebook and other social networks.
  • Improvement/Betterment - Throughout its development, this blog has tried to accommodate visitors' needs (in so far as it can) and add widgets to make life easier, such as a navigation menu. And, of course, I'm constantly searching for ways to improve it.
  • Imagination and Creativity - Well, it's certainly that. Trying to find articles and tutorials that many would find useful and interesting.
  • Sharing - Given that over the years, it's been shared with so many people, and they in return have often shared their comments (both as post comments and on the shoutbox).
  • Popularity and/or Nobility - RPG Maker Times can now boast an average of about 120 hits per day and has achieved a Google Rank of 2 lately, with its popularity in the search engines also increasing.

Of course, I won't be able to accommodate everyone's wishes, but over the next few weeks I will develop 3 templates and when they are ready, visitors can vote on which one they like best. The template with the most votes will then be implemented.
09 February 2011

Is That The Time Already?

I just realised it's February already - almost Valentine's Day! I hadn't even thought about it until today, which means I only have four days left to do something romantic for my "significant other"!

That doesn't mean I've abandoned this blog either, although I must admit to my newest addiction: Resort World on Facebook! It's become the bane of my life, building and trying to keep up! Their Valentine's Day "promo buildings" reminded me actually. EDIT: Inactive.

Aside from spending a little too much time playing the game, I've been spending more time writing, this time trying my hand at sci-fi, although it's not the hardcore type. Just a short story set in the not-so-far-away future.

Work has also continued on Ars Magia: Genesis, but I'm at a standstill with that. Trying to get the maps just right is proving problematic, especially the overland map. I'll figure it out one way or another because I'd like to get a playable demo out soon! EDIT: The project is defunct.

In between, I've also been experimenting with a workable formula for rebuilding The Gladiator Project in RMXP RMVX. And I've realised that some features that were available in the RMVX version may need to be sacrificed in favour of other features. But I'm still playing around with it.

Finally, based on the poll results so far (in the right-hand sidebar), it seems that changing the layout of RPG Maker Times is inevitable, provided prototypes can be viewed - and voted on - first. So, I've been experimenting with different styles, colour schemes and layouts. Certainly, for the newest incarnation - you could say "version 3" - I'd like to add additional features, such as a better navigation menu, a table of contents, maybe some games showcases, and maybe even a forum and live chat! Who knows where it'll lead. That might be an idea for another poll.

I'll try to get a list of *good* resource sites for the next few entries.
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