12 December 2013

RPG Maker Deal of the Week - Unmissable Opportunity!

This offer has now expired!

Buy the Sinister Hollows music pack and get the Mythos Horror pack FREE! It's only $19.99. Awesome deal!

I've been after the "Mythos Horror" pack for a while, so I'm happy that I finally managed to get it. I just couldn't resist the purchase!

However, the website ONLY allows credit cards (for me at least) and, while I can use my card, I prefer to use PayPal (for which an option is purportedly available). Having to use my card is a major inconvenience for me; I prefer to use cash if I can help it. EDIT: Their PayPal link is also now working again.

11 December 2013

A Few Days Off For Updates

I have the rest of the week off (starting tomorrow), since I'm now mostly working three nights per week, so I've determined to update this blog and RPG Maker Times Companion, finally uploading some of the scripts.

What I'll start doing is transfer the main downloads to RMT Companion and then change the articles in the blog to redirect to the appropriate articles, essentially using the blog as an announcement platform for new scripts or resources, etc. rather than having it as the main site.

This will then unclutter the blog and give room for other RPG Maker news (from various sources) to be placed there.

RPG Maker (the Facebook page, website and blog) are migrating to Google+. The FB page will eventually be deleted, but for now it'll stay up. A decision proper will be made after Christmas, when all of the various projects (RPG Maker and non-RPG Maker related) come together and we know just what we're doing. Most likely this will go ahead for the new year, but I may still keep the page active with links to the Google+ and RPG Maker Times articles/posts.

Since I bought RMVXA, I'd also like to share some of the awesome scripts that are available for it. I've been experimenting with it for some time and, while I'm no expert in scripting, preferring RMVX for now, am making plans to convert the Q-Engine to RGSS3/RMVXA.

I noticed that some of the resources and links on this site no longer work, so I'll be going through the posts and correcting or deleting them. Where appropriate, I'll also be redirecting certain links to their correct websites.

The RPG Maker Windowskins site is in dire need of updating, so that will be revamped as well, with the windowskins being properly updated and categorized.
09 December 2013

All Work, No Play

Sadly, there have been no updates since I started my new job. I work nights, from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. so spend 6-7 daylight hours sleeping. I'm hoping that things should settle down again after Christmas, when my work days go back to Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, leaving the rest of the week free to make updates.

This means that for now all RPG Maker projects and scripts, and the RPG Maker Times Companion and its blogsite haven't been updated for a while.

The online store has also been put on temporary hold, despite its deadline looming. It has enough contents already that it can still open, but I'm hoping to put RPG Maker products and resource packages, as well as some commercial RMVX/RMVXA projects online as well.

Bear with me, things will get back to normal soon, when I can start writing articles, posts and resources for RPG Maker.
27 November 2013

Visual Equip Script (RMVXA)

The Visual Equip script allows you to change the graphic of the character according to equipment and other conditions. It's also possible to set custom graphics to actors, classes, weapons, armours and events.

You can also head over to Candy Coded Response for some additional graphics sets, including armour, hairstyles and accessories.

Note: This requires the Victor Engine - Basic Module to run.
13 November 2013

RPG Maker Times Companion Revamp Update

The RPG Maker Times Companion blog is undergoing a few changes. Instead of being the primary host for RPG Maker Times & Companion, most of the scripts, resources, utilities and other downloads are being migrated to its root domain name. Posts and articles relating to them will become updates, with links to the corresponding sections and related ones here will point to those sections as well.

I'm not quite sure how to index the sections on RPG Maker Times Companion yet, but as it stands right now only the main sections and scripts have been indexed. The layout may change in due time to a different "magazine" layout; I'm just not sure yet. I'm also hoping to recategorize the windowskins and maybe create some more, including tutorials.

Because I've started my new job, working the night shift, updates will take place during my days off.

08 November 2013

Q-Engine Version 3.0 Release Date

The Q-Engine version 3.0 is finally complete. It will be released (replacing the current version on the site) on 20 November 2013, if not sooner. Subsequent add-ons will most likely be included as add-on modules.

The primary aim of the Q-Engine is to extra features and functions to RMVX. It was originally built to incorporate all of the scripts from the Scripts/Addon-Ons Compendium (no longer updated, since it’s been completely integrated into the Q-Engine). It's designed as a plug-and-play script. A comprehensive manual (for RMVX) is available in both DOC and PDF formats. The current version on the site is 1.0, with version 2.0 still cited as a "Release Candidate", which will be updated soon. Version 3.0 is ready and will be fully integrated with the Universal Settings Module, as will all of my scripts.
28 October 2013

Wanted - Link

What if Link (from the Zelda series) was a real person, brought into our modern society?

  • He would no doubt be Number #1 America's Most Wanted list.

  • He would be charged with numerous crimes, escalated with each offense.

  • He would be a serial killer, perhaps a genocidal maniac.

  • If convicted, he would have the maximum allowable sentence.

Notwithstanding, the Zelda series is one of the most well-known, most popular series of all time. My personal favourite is Ocarina of Time for the N64 and even after all this time I still play it of all of them.

Taken from If Video Games Were Realistic.
22 October 2013

Monster Graphics

Are you looking for good quality monsters? The Japanese site, Cradle of Cyan, has some awesome ones, including dragons!

These are a few of them. There are plenty more under "Materials". The site is in Japanese, but it's the graphics you're after, right? Unless, of course, you speak Japanese!

RPG Maker Horror Games

With Halloween literally around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to search for horror genre RPG Maker games. I came across the RPG Maker Horror Games page on Facebook.

And here's a link to some of the horror games (including translated Japanese ones): Horror Games List.

If you're into horror, it's worth checking out and liking.
19 October 2013

Extra Stats VX v3.0 Updated

The Extra Stats VX v3.0 has been updated. The manual is also ready (DOC and PDF).

Note: The script might not work yet because the required Global Colors and Universal Configuration modules aren't uploaded. I only realised this after I'd closed the site down, so work will begin on that tomorrow and upload the completed modules later in the week..

RPG Maker VX Ace Tutorials - Overhead Mapping (+playlist)

This is a remarkable tutorial on Overhead Mapping by TheUnproPro. He has a LOT of tutorials on RPG Maker VX Ace, conveniently split into "Season Episodes". It's well worth watching if you're starting out or even if you're an expert for the ideas alone.

You can visit his RPG Maker VX Ace Tutorials Youtube channel here.
17 October 2013

Quality Free Resources

If you're after some quality - and I mean QUALITY - free resources, then paying a visit to Pioneer Valley Games is a must!

Here are two of my favourites to demonstrate just how cool they are!

15 October 2013

Scripts Almost Ready

In between work, maintaining a second blog and an online store, as well as a bit of playtime, there aren't enough hours in the day. That said, I have managed to update a few scripts.

The following scripts are almost ready for release:

Universal Configuration Settings

- This is to consolidate all of the settings for my various scripts, all in one convenient place. It also includes a module checker to check if the required modules (predefined in the settings) are present or installed correctly. Currently, this is absorbing the Q-Engine settings. This will eventually be required for all of my scripts.


- This has been updated to version 2.5, which includes a module checker in case the Universal Configuration Settings module is not installed. I won't now be releasing it - version 1 is still available for download - until version 3.0 is complete. An RMVXA version might follow sometime in the future.

Extra Stats

- This has been updated to version 3.5, which has been completely integrated with the Universal Configuration Settings module. It's undergoing a few more tests before it's uploaded. Version 3 can be downloaded here. The RMVXA version is being updated and will be re-released soon.

For further updates and news, you can visit the brand new RPG Maker Times Companion. (I will try and update something RPG Maker related on this blog every few days as well.)
29 September 2013

Paranormality: Darkling Official Projects Site

Since I've now bought a copy of RPG Maker VX Ace, I've been focusing on familiarising myself with its features, functions and script.

The projects site for Paranormality: Darkling is now online and will be updated as and when updates to the project are finished.

Here is the final opening (animated) title screen:

I've been writing most of the scripts myself, porting over some of the RMVX scripts I've done, particularly the Extra Stats script, which is being updated for both and will be updated after my interview.
28 September 2013

Scripts Updates and News

New Site Formula

RPG Maker Times Companion has been going through a metamorphosis. This is the front page for the entire blog, highlighting some of the major sections. It also acts as an index for some pages, leading directing to the blog.

Scripts Updates

I've developed a "Universal Configurations Module", which consolidates all of the settings for my scripts (past and present) and makes it easier to set them all up, rather than going into each one individually.

Other features include a "Required Modules Checker", where you can set modules to become required. If any are missing, the Required Modules Checker will throw a corresponding error message.

Also, the "Extra Stats VX" script has undergone a slight makeover, with a few additional stats added as well (including the shop count). The VXA version will be brought up-to-date as well.

These will all be updated next week (particularly after my interview).
22 August 2013

No Updates For A While

There haven't been any updates on the blog for a while. This is because I've been focusing primarily on my other blog, Paranormal Footprints.

The Q-Engine v3.0 will be uploaded around the end of this month. It's been restructured, with additional features and functions installed. I'll put together a video showcasing the major features.

I've also been deliberating how exactly to proceed as far as writing articles. What I've started doing for Paranormal Footprints is scheduling articles and posts. It might be worth me doing that with this blog, although it does take time to write them. So, if I can employ better time management, this should work out much better.
17 July 2013

RPG Maker DS Resource Pack - Promo Video

Although RPG Maker DS was only available in Japan, thanks to the folks at RPG Maker Web anyone can own the resources (graphics and music).

Invoking the feel of SNES-era RPGs, RPG Maker DS was a big hit in Japan. Unfortunately, it hasn't made it over to North America (yet). What has made it over however is a boatload of resources and graphical goodies.

We've taken the original resources and modified them (when necessary) to work perfectly with RPG Maker VX Ace. This resource pack is our biggest to date (even bigger than the original RPG Maker VX Ace RTP!!).
You can buy this awesome pack for only $29.99.
Get your copy of RPG Maker DS Resource Pack today!
13 July 2013

Changes Are Afoot

There are going to be several changes to the way the RPG Maker Times collective sites function.

After careful consideration, I've come up with a solution I believe will benefit all of my visitors. While, for the most part, all of the pages on this blog will remain intact the majority have been duplicated to RPG Maker Times Companion as pages.

RPG Maker Times will remain as it is, but with more news articles on RPG Maker (XP, VX and VX Ace), as well as other RPG Makers. I don't have the time to actually review or test each one, but the news will be in the form of articles taken from their corresponding social media pages or websites, along with appropriate links. This way I can maintain the blog with more posts more easily to fit in with my current time schedule.

There will also be site announcements here whenever there are updates to the RPG Maker Times domain and subdomain websites. I'd also like to give this blog an overhaul - layout-wise - which has been deferred for too long. This might not be the actual template, but certainly some of the sidebar widgets and a much cleaner, more dynamic layout.

RPG Maker Times Companion will focus more on resources and tools/utilities, as well as my scripts and tutorials. I'm presently trying to bring all the tutorials up-to-date to include all of the present RPG Makers (RM2K3, XP, VX and VXA), including organising demos. This is an ongoing task, which will take some time to complete.

Also, the Windowskins page is being reformated to make it easier to view the windowskins. While still unfinished, its current setup has an index page indicating which windowskin is compatible with which RPG Maker, but it's not working. I'm looking for something much more dynamic, so the results will be easier to edit but at the same time slightly less cumbersome to view.

As far as the Projects is concerned, this entire section (as well as the projects themselves) have been put on hold while the changes and updates take place. This may take some time, but at some point I'm determined to rekindle them, particularly "The Gladiator Project", which I've worked hard on developing (despite the fact that it's been ongoing and deferred a number of times). As a side-note, the actual projects pages are not updated at all yet; they're just placeholders for now.

So, as you can see, I will be busy for a while. In between work, RPG Making and my other major baby, Paranormal Footprints, I've a LOT of work to do, so please bear with me. I will focus on them as and when time permits.
03 July 2013

Just A Quick Update

I've gone through the posts on this blog and rectified the ones that were missing or no longer working. No doubt I've missed a few, so let me know and I'll fix them. This includes links no longer working to software, utilities and online resource sites.

RPG Maker Times Companion has had a number of updates, including tutorials and utilities. I'm putting the updates on the home page for now, but as the rest of the (original) pages are completed, the updates will become more informative again.

The next project after this will be the windowskins.
08 June 2013

RMT Companion (Re)Developing Nicely

RPG Maker Times Companion has had a facelift. Essentially it's the same and there's still a lot of work needing to be done, but progress is slow but it IS being made. The blog isn't abandoned. (I've been busy with my other sites and projects.)

Updates will now always appear on the front page, as additional pages are added. That way you can determine which updates have been implemented.

Over the course of the next few days, I will continue updating (scripts, tools and utilities, etc.) and will then be focusing on the windowskins and graphic resources.

Check it often for the updates. For other updates you might like to check RPG Maker Times on Facebook or Google+.
10 May 2013

Windowskin Changer Scriptlet RMVX v1.0

This simple scriptlet allows you to change the windowskin in the middle of a game using the script call event command.

Change Windowskin

To change the windowskin, use the following:


where "windowskin" corresponds to the number in the WINDOWSKINS hash - NOT the windowskin filename.

Reset Windowskin

To reset the windowskin to the system default, use the following:


NOTE: ALL windowskins must be imported into the "Graphics/System" folder.


Copy and paste the scriptlet between Materials and Main Processes.

Settings can be changed and windowskins can be added under the CWWSC_SETTINGS Module.
09 May 2013

RMVX Ace Windowskins - Tutorial

There has been a flurry of questions about RMVXA windowskins. Essentially they are the same as RMVX, so any windowskin designed for RMVX will also work with RMVXA. As with RMVX, use the Resource Manager (F10) in RMVXA to import the chosen windowskin into the Graphics/System folder.

When used in a game, they will look almost the same (see the comparisons below). However, RMVXA has additional colour settings that override the background graphic normally displayed in RMVX, resulting in only the border and cursor from the windowskin showing and the background becomes the default window colors.

RMVX Windowskin

RMVXA Windowskin

As you can see, the windowskins are the same, but with the background overridden by the default colors in RMVXA.

There is a script "cheat" to overcome this problem. Insert this snippet between Material and Main:

class Window_Base < Window
  # "true" to enable override, "false" to use default

  # Update Tone
  def update_tone
    self.tone.set($game_system.window_tone) unless USE_WINDOWSKIN

The end result is this:

This is the Status Screen using the RMVXA windowskin, which is the same as the original RMVX one, without needing any conversion.
08 May 2013

Resources & Updates

I'll get the updates out of the way first before showcasing some of the resource links I've found. There are only a few of them anyway.

Site Updates

In a previous post I mentioned about migrating a few posts over to RPG Maker Times Companion. These are primarily resources (including scripts and utilities), which will also give me a chance to go through and resolve any missing links. And then, once all of the sections are in place there, I can finally concentrate on the annoyingly redundant top menu. Many of the links will cross-reference RPG Maker Times Companion.


Here are a few very good resources sites (each opens in a new window/tab for convenience):
  • The Magnum of Noches - This is a very good, resource-rich site. Sadly, however, it was announced that updates to the site have ceased. Many of the resources are still online and ready for use, but make sure you credit the original creators accordingly.
  • Tieris Illia - This site does have quite a number of quality resources and materials, from iconsets to sideview battlers. It's well worth checking out.

  • Blogshin - There are some awesome tiles add-ons on this site, primarily for RMVX/VXA. It's in Portugese, but it's easy to navigate and figure out. Well worth a visit if not to download anything, then just to browse.
06 May 2013

Blog Entries Migration

A number of posts on this blog are being migrated to RPG Maker Times Companion. That way, they can be kept up-to-date and any missing links can also be updated.

All resources will also be transferred, including templates and windowskins.

All of the projects and projects news (past, present and future) now each have their own separate subdomains, so they'll be easier to update as and when necessary. This may eventually include the Q-Engine, depending on how it progresses.

By consolidating certain sections in this way, not only will it be convenient for all, but it'll also be much easier to update. And, of course, the updates will also appear here, on RPG Maker Times.
29 April 2013

Extra Stats Script VX v3.0

The Extra Stats script for RMVX (Version 3.0) is now available to download, ahead of schedule. The Manual is also available in DOC and PDF formats on the page.

The Version History, plus an instructional demo, will be updated at a later date.
26 April 2013

RPG Maker XP Won't Open On Windows 7

It recently came to my attention when a friend asked me for some tech support regarding installing RMXP for the first time on his Windows 7 computer. When he installed the program and RTP, he encountered an "RPG Maker XP has stopped working" error.

RPG Maker XP has stopped working error

So, not one to shy away from a challenge, I came up with a solution for him. And, hopefully, if anyone else encounters this problem this'll help them as well.

Open Control Panel and click on System & Security, then click System. Click on Advanced System Settings in the left-hand panel. This will bring up the "System Properties".

Under Performance, click "Settings", thus:

System Properties

This will bring up the Performance Options. Click on the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) tab. Click Add to add RPG Maker XP to the list (making sure it's checked).

Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

When you click Ok, then Ok on the "System Properties" dialog, you should now be able to run RPG Maker XP. Also, make sure that your firewall and/or virus checker recognises it.
19 April 2013

Scripts and Site Updates

Several scripts, tutorials and demos have been updated. They will also be updated on RPG Maker Times Companion shortly.

Scripts Updates

The following scripts have updates:
  • Extra Stats Window v3.0 - Released very soon, pending a few tweaks and bug fixes.
  • Q-Engine v2.0 Release Candidate - This has been undergoing a rewrite to make things easier and to address a number of additional conflicts.
  • Q-Engine Message System (QeMS) v1.0 - This is a very basic but functional message system, with more added to it as time goes on. (Personal Note: This is more of a personal experiment to apply what I've learnt - am learning - about Regular Expressions; it probably won't be released for awhile in favour of the others.)
  • Other Scripts - All other scripts I've written for RMXP and RMVX are being brought up-to-date and will eventually be migrated to RPG Maker Times Companion.

Tutorials/Demos Updates

A number of tutorials are being brought up-to-date as well, including the Complete Chests Tutorial (which has its own section on RPG Maker Times Companion). I'm hoping to concurrently release additional demos for all RPG Makers after the "original" is done. Most of the other demos attached to some of the tutorials will also be brought up-to-date.

Site Updates

All of the windowskins are being migrated to RPG Maker Times Companion. This includes all of the windowskin utilities and the windowskins on this blog, as well as its predecessor Wordpress website. You can find them at the Windowskins RMTC subdomain. They are neatly laid out for ease of use and convenience and on the index page you can preview them before deciding to download them.
16 April 2013

RPG Maker Windowskins

Work on the RPG Maker Windowskins weblog has finally begun. The previous hosts have been taken down completely; instead, they redirect to this website.

All of the existing windowskins are slowly migrating to this site and, when finished, I'll be adding more as time goes on. In addition, the site will contain windowskin tutorials and how-to's, with several more planned at a later date.

These tutorials/how-to's are planned, but not implemented yet (these will be updated as soon as the windowskins database is up-to-date):
  • How To Install Windowskins
  • How To Tweak RMVXA Windowskins
  • How To Use RGSS To Change Windowskins
  • How to Install Multiple Windowskins

EDIT: These are available on RPG Maker Times Companion.
20 March 2013

Important Notice / Q-Engine Update / QeMS


The RPG Maker Times Companion site is migrating to another web host by the end of the month. The tech support for the current one is the worst I've ever encountered - 3 weeks to answer a "High Priority" problem regarding a potentially serious site security issue IS crap.

That aside, all of the projects (past and present) - The Gladiator Projects and Paranormality: Darkling - will also be migrating to here. Each will have their own projects subfolder.

Windowskins will also have their own subdomain under the Companion umbrella, directly ported from a previous Wordpress blog.

This means I can delete the previous blogs and place them all in one place for convenient editing and updating.


The Q-Engine has been updated to fix several bugs and tweak existing sections for improved performance and layout.

I've started working on a simple message system plugin for the Q-Engine, QeMS, which will provide basic message commands to use in message windows. (For a highly evolved, advanced message system I'd recommend Modern Algebra's ATS.)

The main purpose for this is to avoid conflicts and compatibility issues with other messaging or similar scripts.
15 March 2013

Paranormality RMVX / Q-Engine Features

Paranormality RMVX Project

I've started working on a new RMVX project, entitled Paranormality: Darkling, which are loosely based on my Jack Urban Chronicles novels (in progress) and will showcase what the Q-Engine is capable of. The project has just entered its embryonic stages, but regular updates will appear on its official website.

Q-Engine Features List

Now that the Q-Engine is at version (cited as Release Candidate 2.0), it's time to showcase some of its major features. All of these are customisable from the Configurations Settings.

  • Animated Title Screen - Animated title and author/subtitle graphics, as well as moving layers.
  • Menu Information Windows - Provides additional information about each menu command (main menus).
  • Game Over Menu - A menu on the Game Over screen to provide options to restart, continue or terminate.
  • Actor Ranks/Titles - A feature where a title is given depending on the actors' levels.
  • Alternative Layout - An alternative Status Screen layout, replete with titles. This feature has recently undergone a rewrite for improvements and compatibility issues.
  • Extra Character Info - A feature to provide extra bio information on the Status Screen, such as gender and age.
  • Pretitles/Last Names - Gives options to include a pretitle and last name (surname).
  • Actor Options - Displays additional bonuses derived from objects and actor options (set in the Database.)
  • Battle Start/End Images - Displays an announcer image at the beginning and end of battles.
  • Critical Flash - The screen flashes a certain colour when a critical hit has been struck (actors and monsters).
  • Turn Counter - A window is displayed during battle counting the number of combat rounds.
  • Extra Stats Window - Shows a window displaying additional stats, such as the number of combats won/lost, the amount of gold collected, etc. This can also be summoned from the map by pressing a (predefined) key.
06 March 2013

Q-Engine Release Candidate Version 2.0

Work on the Q-Engine has renewed after a brief pause.

The Release Candidate for Version 2.0 is being reworked, with much of the code being tidied up and reconstructed to iron out several incongruities and compatibility issues. The manual is being rewritten from scratch to make it easier to read and will eventually be available as a downloadable file, which will be in DOC and PDF formats. There may also be a simple HTML-ised version online in time.

Planned additions to the Q-Engine (prior to the release of Version 2.0) include:

  • A new Animated Game Over screen
  • Greater flexibility for alternative Status Screen layouts, including character profile information.
  • Additional stats for the Extra Stats window, including XY coordinates.
  • Additional Bitmap methods, including drawing vertical lines and boxes (this is a working idea only at this point).
  • A new 3D MMORPG stylised Equipment Screen, also reflected on the Status Screen.

When Version 2.0 is completed, it will be integrated into The Gladiator Project, which will be rewritten from scratch, drawing on the original ideas but the entire plot infrastructure will be re-done as well. Interest was renewed in the project when I found some archived materials for previous projects, including some very old RM2K3 archives.
06 February 2013

Event Commands Tutorial Started

Keep up-to-date with the latest news on

Event Commands Tutorial

Now that I have my new graphics card, the Event Commands Tutorial has begun. This is a complete tutorial for the Event Commands for all RPG Makers, including screenshots. Most Event Commands are based on those in RM2K3, but additional notes have been given corresponding to each RPG Maker. Personal notes and examples have also been given where appropriate.

The section is under heavy construction, with a lot of work yet to do on it. I'm starting with the RM2K3 Event Commands and working through RMXP, then RMVX and finally RMVXA (in that order). It'll take a while but progress is steady.

Q-Engine v1.28.23.8

Work on the Q-Engine. The Alternative Status Screen is undergoing a rewrite to clean up some code and fix layout positioning issues.

Once this has been dealt with, then a second demo video and download will be uploaded.

Resources Migration

The final update is that starting the middle of this month, all of the resources (including windowskins) will be uploaded to RPG Maker Times Companion.
26 January 2013

Updates Pending New Graphics Card

The RPG Maker Times main blog will eventually become fully integrated into RPG Maker Times Companion. The main blog will then be used for major updates (including Tutorials and Projects).

Work on RPG Maker Times Companion is going slowly, only because I'm waiting for a new graphics card to arrive. Most of the pages and posts now need some form of uploading (files and images) and the coil on my current graphics card has burnt out, so it's unstable to say the least. Each time the Explorer dialog box opens - whether to save or load files - it will crash and reboot itself.

So, that means that once the new graphics card arrives and is installed, I'll be sure to continue with the updates proper. This will also include the Flash menu at the top (finally!).
09 January 2013

Bank Tutorial Using Events (RM2K3/XP/VX/VXA)

The Bank Tutorial (all versions) is finally online!

According to October 2012's poll, the majority voted for a simple event-based bank system as the next tutorial. So, here it is. Note that this is not a complete step-by-step tutorial, but a rough guide for creating our banking system. Instead, each RPG Maker tutorial can be downloaded and, once installed, can be scrutinised.

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