24 April 2011

The Gladiator Project - Redux Update #1

The official The Gladiator Project site has had a redesign - be sure to check it out and for all the latest updates as well.

Although progress has been slow, it's been steady. I started work on the actual gameplay already, including some of the minigames, and the flow doesn't stop there. To quote Jack London:
You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.
So, beating this inspiration with a clava, stabbing it with a pilum and hacking at it with a gladius, TGP is going at full speed and it seems - for now - there's no stopping it.

This also means that I'll be dedicating a lot more time to it and its development, but will only be posting updates on the "official" site, with brief details here. To keep updated, as always, not only with updates on TGP but RPG Maker Times as well, interested parties can sign up for the regular newsletter.
11 April 2011

The Gladiator Project - First Screenshots

Regular visitors will know already that The Gladiator Project Redux is underway, this time for RMXP. Progress has been slow but steady, so here are several screenshots. In time, I'll also have a video demo too when there's much more content and gameplay available.


TGP Introduction
This is the introduction page, which uses Moghunter's Animated Title Screen (basic version). The current layered images are from the movie Gladiator but will change later. The menu commands are in Latinesque (the term I coined for the pieced-together Latin words), but moving the cursor up and down will display the English translation in the "help" box on the right.
06 April 2011

RPG Maker Times May Be Relocating

This is a notice to all visitors to RPG Maker Times. I may be relocating the blog to Wordpress. This is in light of the recent "Stop Badware" alerts, which have become the bane of my life and which are unfounded for this blog.

I've been using Blogger practically since the beginning and have had NO major problems with Google or Stop Badware in the past with this blog. So why now? Even with "cleaning" it and then waiting for another review, it will still not be resolved quickly or efficaciously.

I will "remove" the offending "badware" and reconfigure the widgets they link to, but if nothing has changed within a week from this post, then RPG Maker Times (and its companion sites) will be ported over to Wordpress, and in time the Blogger ones will be closed!

Most likely it's just my end and I'm the one being paranoid, but I may port over to Wordpress anyway, since Wordpress is much more versatile and is fast becoming my preferred bloghost now. If this is eventually the case, then this blog will most likely only contain resources - as those in the "Popular Posts" tab on the right hand side.
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