23 July 2010

Frequently Asked Questions #2

These are answers to some of the simpler questions about RPG Maker I'm asked on a regular basis. Some of these have been taken from Yahoo! Answers. Many of them have been taken from IM'd questions or targeted keywords at Statcounter. You can find a full list of FAQs here.

Is it possible to add scripts to RM2K3?

No, it isn't. RM2K3 has no support for scripts, unlike RMXP and RMVX because they utilise the Ruby Gaming Script System (RGSS) engine already built into its structure. RM2K3 can only use "scripts" from events - normal events or common events - using the event commands.

Is there an Enter/Exit Vehicle glitch?

Yes and no. RM2K3 only supports three vehicles at once, predefined in the Database (under System), which are then used on the map either through eventing or "Place Vehicle Starting Position". It is not possible to simply use an event with a vehicle graphic and use the "Enter or Exit Vehicle" event command. (Vehicle Tutorial Coming Soon!)

Why won't the text display in RPG Maker XP/VX?

This happens when a font is used that is not installed on the computer. It can also happen due to script conflicts, changing the default windowskin, or when the text coordinates are out of the window's range. If graphics transparencies are not set correctly, this can also cause problems with text not showing up.
22 July 2010

Parameter Increase/Decrease Icons

The default Equipment screen, where you can equip and unequip weapons and armor, is rather boring in my opinion, so here's a simple RMVX script to enhance it.

Now, whenever you equip or unequip items an icon will appear next to the appropriate "parameter", according to whether the stat is increased or decreased.

Place the script above Main. I'd recommend placing it somewhere at the top, below other scripts that modify the equipment scenes.

The script overwrites the following definitions in the Window_EquipStatus class: new_parameter_color and draw_parameter.
13 July 2010

Good News & Bad News

I finally managed to reinstall both RMXP and RMVX, but only after majorly overhauling the registry, which had become corrupted after that malware episode. That's the good news!

Bad news is that some of files of The Gladiator Project became corrupted and the backup is on the other computer, which is in storage. Maybe it isn't such bad news, since at least there is a backup. Personal experience is a very good teacher!

I will be posting a few more substantial updates and tutorials within the next few days.
01 July 2010

Monsters As Variables

I noticed several entries in Statcounter for something on setting monsters as variables, so not one to refuse a challenge, this is what I came up with. Hopefully this will help some.

While I don't think it's possible to store individual monsters in variables, at least without using Fork Options, it is possible to store Monster Groups. The number stored in the variable corresponds exactly as they appear in the Database.

First create a Common Event in the Database (F8), named "Monster Var" (or something similar). Set the "Trigger" to "Call". In the Events Commands, simply place the following commands:

<>Variable Oper: [0001:Monster Var] Set, Rnd [1-10]

This will store the Monster Group as a random number between 1 and 10, which means that if the random number is 8, the Monster Group appearing for the fight would be (by default) 3 Gorgon and 2 Basilisk.

<>Enemy Encounter: Normal, V[0001]

This calls the enemy encounter sequence, but the monsters encountered will be based on whatever is stored in the variable, Monster Var.

The call routine doesn't just have to be a Common Event. It can be an Autorun map event as well, so instead of setting fixed encounters via the "Map Properties", encounters can be completely randomized from map to map, using different random numbers or variables.
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