08 April 2017

Last Official Layout Update

This is the new layout for Ye Olde RPG Maker Times Blog. Frankly, I hate it! I may end up going back to the original and KEEPING it. I remember now why I didn't change the original blog template for years!

Once upon a time Blogger used to be da bomb, but nowadays not so much. Their new dynamic layouts are fine as eye candy, but sadly they're not too widget-friendly in favor of Google's monsters.

And since it's been quite some time since I even poked around in the guts of Blogger's code, primarily in favor of WordPress, it took me HOURS to figure one simple thing out. If I'd have done the same thing in WordPress it would have taken a quarter that time. I guess I've just been out of touch with Blogger's code for too long!

As I've mentioned previously, this is no longer the official RPG Maker Times blog. It's new and official site is now here. And that's where it'll stay.

I'll mirror any updates on this blog, including for plugins, projects and anything else I'm working on, with any relevant links reciprocating to the official blog. And that way those who are already familiar with this blog will get the updates as well.

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