19 April 2017

The Gladiator Project – An Old Game Revisited

Six years ago today, The Gladiator Project was actively in development for RPG Maker. It was an ambitious project, based on my personal interest in and fascination with the Roman Empire.

Sadly, for various reasons, I abandoned the project. And there it remains, gathering dust.

So What Happened?

The Gladiator Project was first developed for RMXP, based on its original hack-and-slash concept for RM2K3, but highly expanded. It then migrated to RMVX, where further expansion took place (including customized graphics). To begin with, I wasn't very competent at RGSS and frequently lurked in forums to try and learn from others' scripts.

I eventually emerged from the shadows to ask how to create a basic lexicon. Nothing special or spectacular, just a template from which to work with and learn from.

One coder arrogantly claimed that the script was boring and he could add bells and whistles to it for a complete script. This deviated from my original request and, despite re-quoting my desire for a basic template, still felt mortified and belittled.

So I continued on my own, refusing to revisit that particular forum. However, interest in the project began waning, along with the enthusiasm and drive to continue its development.

Eventually, I decided to cease development altogether.

Is The Project Scheduled for Redevelopment?

I've been thinking about redeveloping this for RPG Maker MV, perhaps as my next project after Otherworld SGB: Through the Veil. However, this may not happen anytime soon, tentatively this year, more likely next year.

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