23 November 2008

Resource Templates

Here are some resource templates to make it much easier to design your own graphics for RPG Maker 2000 and 2003.

Character Set Template

Character Set TemplateEach charset comprises 12 squares, divided into 4 rows of 3 columns, representing the 3 animation frames for each direction.

The top row is where the character is moving upwards (north), the second row is moving right (east), the third is moving down (south), and the bottom row is moving left (west).

Charsets must be 288x256 in size and can contain up to 8 characters.

Chipset Template

Chipset Template -- Missing - No thanks to Image Sh**!Chipsets must be 480x256, comprising all of the components for maps.

The dark blue and black squares are where the water autotile animations go (an example of which is already present).

The orange and gray squares are used for additional animations, such as a flickering torch or lamp. Each row is one set of animations.

The blue and black squares are where the autotiles go, as for things like forest, grass, desert or carpet. Each individual autotile set comprises a 3x4 grid.

The red and dark blue squares are where the background tiles go, such as bushes and cities on a world map or furniture and decorations on an interior map.

Finally, the pink and blue squares are for the transparent foreground tiles go, such as windows, doors or pictures, which are also used for events. Note that the first pink square on the left must be kept as this is used for blank events.

Faceset Template

Faceset TemplateFacesets must be 192x192 in size. They are for providing a graphical "face" for message box conversations or items found.

Each square contains a single face, which can also be expressions representing surprise, anger, etc. This adds an extra dimension to the game.

These are the basic templates for RPG Maker, which are intended as a rough guide for creating your own templates. They are compatible with RM2K and RM2K3.

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Companion Wulf said...

Thanks! So helpful!

Companion Wulf said...

it's helpful, but what about those who only have ms paint, which is kind of hard to create faces in. You know to make them look right

Companion Wulf said...

the second one is broken

Companion Wulf said...

I know, unfortunately. I'll be sorting something out.

Companion Wulf said...

it is pretty easy to get programs past paint, such as gimp, for free.
google is your friend

Companion Wulf said...

oh my god thank you so much for this

Companion Wulf said...

You're welcome. I am working on something much better - for all RPG Makers as well.

Companion Wulf said...

Definitely! Gimp is my editor of choice. But you can also use Character Maker 1999 (256 colours only) or Character Maker Pro (for more colours).

Mark Marchesini said...

Don't forget GraphicsGale!

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