17 May 2009

System Graphics - Part 2

System 2 is the "Battle Menu Set", used in battles to determine the cursor for targeting enemies and allies. It also displays the ATB bar and the numbers for HP and MP display in gauge type battles (set in the "Battle Layout" options of the Database).

All In Gold
This was the first I ever created (or re-created would be more accurate). The numbers on the gauge aren't really that clear, but I kept it as is for posterity.

System2 Template
This is a "default" template for creating your own System2 designs. The image size is 8x96.

This template shows the component elements of the above template.

1: The three-frame animation sequence for the left arrow.

2: The three-frame animation sequence for the down arrow.

3: The numbers for displaying HP and SP values.

A, B and C are the frames for the HP, SP and ATB bars respectively.

D: This is usually kept blank (although I'm not entirely sure what this is used for).

E: These five blocks are for the gauge colors, displayed when the "Battle Layout" is set to "Gauge".

F: This is the gauge for the ATB, which you'll note has two bars instead of one.

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