06 December 2009

The Gladiator Project Update #1

After a hiatus in development, I started working on the project again, now that I have more time. I spent some time designing an appropriate windowskin (see below) and deciding on the content of the menu, tweaking the necessary scripts for it.

These are the areas in particular that have updates:

  • Roma Windowskin - Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    Windowskin: This windowskin was designed from scratch, primarily to give a kind of Romanesque feel to it. I may yet change it slightly, since the silver "dagger" pointers don't look right and add a background texture to it.
  • Plot/Direction: The plot has been reworked from its original RM2K3 incarnation, instead taking a completely different direction than its original. The RM2K3 version simply placed characters in a gladiatorial arena setting, hacking and slashing and gaining kudos and prizes. The plot now has much more depth to it than that, and there are plenty twists and turns - and surprises - to pique interest.
  • Scene_Menu - Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    Click on the image for a larger view (opens in a new window)
    Menu System: This two-column menu was created for aesthetics more than convenience, based very loosely on Rubymatt's Compact Menu System. It has an in-built help window to explain what each menu option means, since they are in Latin. With the extra windows for the gold (denarii) and map location, along with the extra game variables on the right-hand side, I think it makes a solid menu.

And starting some time this week, I will be working on the game itself. Eventually perhaps I can have some kind of demo.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you have some excellent scripting skills! I don't think I've played any RMVX games that incorporae this type of menu. Besides looking nice, it is convenient to have some of the in-game stats displayed without having to go to a separate screen within the menu.

The windowskin really does have a Romanesque feel to it, especially with the columns. I've always had a preference for the parchment-type ones, too.

Companion Wulf said...

Thanks! I'm not really a scripter; I'm still learning. The multi-column menu in RMVX is easy, since it has a feature to allow multi-column menus (I don't think RMXP has the same feature). Maybe I should do a blog entry with a menu tut or something.

I like the archaic, parchment type windowskins too. There's just something about them that appeals.

Anonymous said...

Still learning? Well, I'd never guess from looking...

A scripting tutorial for menus would be excellent. For those of us who are horrible at it *cough*me*cough*, it would be greatly appreciated. Although, I'm sure no amount of tutorials will help me at this point if I don't start incorporating what I learn. ^^;

Companion Wulf said...

It's a deal then, I'll do something about menu scripts later. Best way to learn (especially in the beginning) is experimenting with the different RGSS settings and functions. And there's no harm in dissecting others' scripts to see how they do it.

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