20 January 2010

Betrayal At Krondor Wordlock Script

Wulf's ChoiceFor those who have played Betrayal At Krondor will know precisely what a "Wordlock" is. For those that don't, it's basically a chest (or door) locked by a riddle and they will only open once the correct word has been entered.

Once upon a time, I tried recreating the wordlocks in RM2K3, but encountered a few difficulties given its limitations. Everything had to be set up using Events and Common Events, including creating a customized menu specifically for entering the words. It was a nightmare.

However, now one exists for RMVX, thanks to the awesome talent of Modern Algebra. I've tried this script and, trust me, it is good - just like revisiting Betrayal of Krondor.

The script and demo can be viewed and downloaded here.

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Adrian Clyde said...

That's a pretty cool script. It's something I'd probably use if I had VX

Companion Wulf said...

It sure is a cool script! Definitely recommended even for those who aren't Betrayal At Krondor fans.

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