02 January 2010

The Gladiator Project Update #3

A lot of progress has been made on TGP lately, especially on the game itself. The maps are taking shape, although I do NOT like the RMVX tileset limitations. This makes it harder to create specific gladiatorial type maps without directly modifying the original or using the ambiguous Tileset E.

I decided eventually to change the menu again. The Achievements (Diarium Facti) has been removed. While it is an excellent, useful script, after playtesting it a few times, decided that it did not quite fit in with the game after all. Instead, I can achieve exactly the same thing with the Tasks (Laboris Tabulae) section, which has now been renamed the Quest Diary (Diarium Questae).

Another option added to the menu is an additional stats window, the Status Extra, which provides extra in-game stats in detail, such as Arena Level, Reputation, number of battles fought, won and lost, and several others.

I've been working out the final details of the characters' bios, which will be blogged at a later update, with all five characters present. At the moment though, the focus has been ironing out creases in the arena classes and skills, steering away from the historical classes (such as gladiatore, secutore, retiarius, etc.) and opting for the more traditional fantasy classes - Latinized, of course - such as Gladiatore (warrior/fighter), Clericus (cleric/priest), Magus (magic user), Alchemista (alchemist) and Summonitor (summoner).

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're still working on the TGP! :D I like the idea of the traditional fantasy classes, too.

And I voted that I love the new layout. I think I already told you that in another comment...or either I am losing my mind. It is probably both.

Companion Wulf said...

It's very slow going! I actually have about 5 projects on the go at once, depending on how I feel at the time, including making a "movie" in RMXP, which is very interesting. TGP is like a sputtering car that runs on fumes not a full tank! =)

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