30 September 2010

Ars Magia 1: Genesis - Character Classes

The Ars Magia Character Classes are now 80% complete.

There are five main playable character classes and two non-playable ones. They are:
  • Alchemist (Non-Playable) - Adept at potion making, including explosives and incendiaries.
  • Archaeomage (Non-Playable) - Expert in ancient technologies and automatons.
  • Cleric (Playable) - Expert in healing and blessing spells.
  • Druid (Playable) - Caster of elemental spells and can also summon animals.
  • Hunter (Playable) - Expert archer, keen-sighted and fleet-footed. Note: Content is pending.
  • Warrior (Playable) - Combat veteran, capable of delivering powerful blows.

The fifth playable character is pending, as I'm not sure what it should be. I had considered Blue Mage or Black Mage. Suggestions are welcome, use the comments box for any suggestions or recommendations on what this fifth character should be.

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