30 November 2010

AMG Video In-Game Features Demo

This is a video demo of some of the in-game features, including the intro through to the Status Menu. The intro will be changed later, however. Don't forget to read the footnotes below too.

Revision Edit:
5 December, 2010
The video has been truncated from its original. I also added some annotations to better explain the features.

Most of the scripts have been tweaked to integrate properly into the AMG system. The characters' profile information is incomplete yet, as is the "Extra Stats" page. A complete list of scripts is available here, updated as other in-game scripts are updated.

A playable demo will be released soon - though no sooner than next year - and I'll upload it then. Watch this space, I guess!

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AC Mystic Realms said...

his video is awesome Wulf! I am so proud of you and the efforts that you have placed towards this project. Will look forward to seeing the game and additional hidden material you have planned.

Companion Wulf said...

Thank you, AC. Plenty "hidden" stuff. I might truncate this video soon and reupload it. The basic features without the preamble. Thanks for visiting!

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