15 November 2010

RMVX Character Sets #2

Here are four RMVX charsets, two of which might fit a battlefield or warzone scene and two of which are monster types. These were created at the Charas Project website.

Injured Soldier #1 Injured Soldier #2
Inujured Soldier 1 - RM2K3 Charset Inujured Soldier 2 - RM2K3 Charset
Lamia Slime Muck
Lamia - RM2K3 Charset Slime Muck - RM2K3 Charset

Clicking on the images will display them full sized (in a new window). Right-click and save them. Later, when I have the time to create some more, I'll put them all in a convenient full charset sheet.

EDIT (8 Mar 2011): I uploaded the RMVX versions instead of the RM2K3 versions, which did not convert properly anyway. I will address this soon. So apologies on my bad, bad oversight (but thanks to Anonymous for pointing it out!)

4 Comments So Far:

Hawkeye said...

Ah, brutal! I love the injured soldiers.

Companion Wulf said...

Haha! Yep, I do too, but I also like the "Slime Muck". Gonna post some more later (some converted to the other Makers).

Anonymous said...

Why put them so big?

Companion Wulf said...

Ugh! These are the RMVX versions, but the RM2K3 conversion didn't come out right either. So I'll have to do redo them. Thanks for spotting this!

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