28 January 2012

Tutorials Series - Coming Soon

In March, I'll be starting on a series of tutorials for RPG Maker (and other engines). This will be primarily how-to's, using events and maps, including some already submitted by guestbloggers. This is part of my going through the expanding "To Do" list. So how should they appear?

Would it be better - i.e. preferable - to provide step-by-step guides as a post with pictures or videos? Or perhaps a combinaton of both? Should the tutorials be exclusively RMXP, RMVX or RMVXA, or all three, as well as some of the other makers?

What are your thoughts? Leave feedback in the comments and we'll go from there.

2 Comments So Far:

Anonymouse said...

i think you should have tuts on all 3. but a combo of vids and posts. especially for Ace! love this blog. bookmarked!!!!

Companion Wulf said...

I'm inclined to agree. A combination of text and visuals can supplement one another.

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