24 October 2012

The Deep - High Quality Resource Pack

Here's another awesome resource pack, purchasable for $5.49. This pack, entitled The Deep is ideal for those dungeon-delving adventurers to explore. When I say these resources are high quality, I mean they are high quality and I'm totally enamoured of them!

You can buy The Deep resource pack at RPG Maker Web website.

This showcases the Battle Scene using some of the high quality battlers available in the resource pack.

Image borrowed from RPG Maker Web.

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Companion Wulf said...

Those are some awesome battlers! But the only drawback with using such high-quality sprites is that you sort of have to keep up the overall look. It'd be too weird if you had to mix 2-D and 3-D...or at least to me.

Companion Wulf said...

Agreed, but from what I've seen there probably won't be a need to mix the two together!

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