15 March 2013

Paranormality RMVX / Q-Engine Features

Paranormality RMVX Project

I've started working on a new RMVX project, entitled Paranormality: Darkling, which are loosely based on my Jack Urban Chronicles novels (in progress) and will showcase what the Q-Engine is capable of. The project has just entered its embryonic stages, but regular updates will appear on its official website.

Q-Engine Features List

Now that the Q-Engine is at version (cited as Release Candidate 2.0), it's time to showcase some of its major features. All of these are customisable from the Configurations Settings.

  • Animated Title Screen - Animated title and author/subtitle graphics, as well as moving layers.
  • Menu Information Windows - Provides additional information about each menu command (main menus).
  • Game Over Menu - A menu on the Game Over screen to provide options to restart, continue or terminate.
  • Actor Ranks/Titles - A feature where a title is given depending on the actors' levels.
  • Alternative Layout - An alternative Status Screen layout, replete with titles. This feature has recently undergone a rewrite for improvements and compatibility issues.
  • Extra Character Info - A feature to provide extra bio information on the Status Screen, such as gender and age.
  • Pretitles/Last Names - Gives options to include a pretitle and last name (surname).
  • Actor Options - Displays additional bonuses derived from objects and actor options (set in the Database.)
  • Battle Start/End Images - Displays an announcer image at the beginning and end of battles.
  • Critical Flash - The screen flashes a certain colour when a critical hit has been struck (actors and monsters).
  • Turn Counter - A window is displayed during battle counting the number of combat rounds.
  • Extra Stats Window - Shows a window displaying additional stats, such as the number of combats won/lost, the amount of gold collected, etc. This can also be summoned from the map by pressing a (predefined) key.

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