17 February 2014

6 Crimes You Can Get Away With In Most RPG/MMORPG Games

In almost every RPG and MMORPG, it's been possible to commit numerous crimes without reciprocation. In fact, very few actually have a decent crime-and-punishment system in place, giving you free reign to essentially do as you will. Here are six crimes (by today's standardised laws) within an RPG/MMO game.

  1. Theft - You can go into people's houses and rifle through their drawers, cupboards and chests, and take whatever's inside.
  2. Murder - You can kill people and not face any consequences.
  3. Genocide - You can go on a killing spree, piling up the bodies of races or particular types of people.
  4.  Extinction - You can slay countless animals, races, peoples and monsters, virtually to extinction (notwithstanding they spawn endlessly).
  5. Vandalism - You can damage property without having to worry about cleaning it up afterwards.
  6. Assassination - You can assassinate leaders of gangs, etc. who are causing something of a nuisance for someone else.

Of course, if you can think of any more, write them in the comments below and I'll update them accordingly.

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