16 March 2014

Attack of The Blog Gremlins!

It appears that gremlins have invaded RPG Maker Times!

Borrowed from BubbleWS

The layout is messed up, although I suspect it's due to a re-import of the prototype skin that resulted in many of the additional coding (including the tabs layout) being overwritten.

From this point, I may just return to the previous layout and redo the style sheets accordingly - kind of like a child theme - or I'll re-imagine this one and make it much better. It's too bad Blogger's dynamic templates are so limited and cumbersomely uncustomizable; otherwise, I'd use one of those and add the same widgets I have now.

I've a lot of work to do on this site and the RPG Maker Times & Companion blog, which I can only do on my days off unfortunately, resulting in slow but steady progress.

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