11 March 2014

Work on Merged Blogsite Continues

Work on RPG Maker Times & Companion is continuing. Right now, I'm attempting to streamline it by cleaning up some of the widgets, along with the categories and tags list, and some of the posts.

As far as this blog is concerned: It will still continue, as it has been, but the major posts and articles will now appear on the RPG Maker Times & Companion blogsite, with links posted here. Any other articles posted here will also be replicated on the other as well. A number of links on this blog no longer work, but they're being updated on the other blogsite, and will eventually be modified here as well, since the main focus will now be on the domain name blog.

I'm also in the process of revamping the Windowskins subdomain. This year, you can also expect more windowskins and a better keyword search feature (search engine optimized) to make it easier to find specific types of windowskins.

I don't have much time to spend on this re-organization, but I'm determined to spend in between 2-3 hours per day on it to bring it up-to-date and where I'd like it to be. Keep checking (both blogs) regularly for updates.

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