18 December 2009

The Gladiator Project Update #2

Progress on The Gladiator Project (TGP from now on) has been slow but steady, as I've been working more on functionality and aesthetics first. The bulk of that has now been taken care of, so I'll be starting on the game itself next.

The first completed update is the main menu. As I mentioned previously, it is based very loosely on Rubymatt's Compact Menu System, adapted to fit TGP and its purposes.

Most of the menu items are functional, but might be changed later.

  • Inventarium Inventory: List of items.
       At the moment this is the default item list. I might implement KGC's Item Categorization script (translated and modified by Mr. Anonymous and Blackmorning respectively), although I might change it or remod it later.
  • Artificii - Skills: List of skills and arts.
       I have yet to create any gladiator-specific skills, but will most likely design them from scratch as they are needed. In keeping with the "sortables", I might have a script that sorts skills according to type.
  • Armamentum - Equipment: Weapons, armor and accessories.
       This may or may not remain the same as the default, depending on several other factors as the game progresses, including additional sound effects for individual pieces of equipment.
  • Status Quo - Status: Character profiles.
       The Status Quo is 90% complete. I added some of RMVX's extra features (unavailable in RMXP) plus visual icon-based status effects. There are a few things missing from it, but for the most part it's done.
  • Diarium Facti - Achievements: List of awards and achievements.
       I haven't decided exactly how the "reward & punishment" system (based on reputation) will work yet, but will use SojaBird's Achievements script for this.
  • Societas Amicitiae - Alliances: Factions and inter-gang relations.
       This features SojaBird's excellent Factions (Reborn) script - perfect for TGP's specific needs.
  • Descriptum Bestaria - Bestiary: Compendium of enemies fought.
       I've chosen to use Falcao's Dinamic Monsters Bestiary script for this, as it fits TGP's needs adequately.
  • Laboris Tabulae - Job Log: List of tasks and quests received.
       I've used Modern Algebra's excellent Quest Log to log the questae (quests) because of its versatility and dynamism.
  • Conservo Progresso - Save Progress: Record your game progress.
       The best and most attractive save system is Woratana's NEO Save System, which is what's being used in TGP.
  • Ratio Bene - Options: Change various in-game options.
       For this, I've used Yanfly's Menu System Options script.

There are still two sections to the menu that have no real functions yet, but that will come as the game progresses.

8 Comments So Far:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and from the looks of it, TGP will definitely have some cool features! You're really moving right along with this.

Companion Wulf said...

Yep, but it seems like it's taking *forever* already. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey but at least you don't have any deadlines other than the ones you've placed on yourself! :D Less pressure hopefully!

Companion Wulf said...

That's true! LOL

SojaBird said...

Hey hey! :)

Very impressive how it looks so far.
Nice you're gonna use 2 of my scripts :)
You also made me think of creating a add-on for the Achievements-script, to let it work with Factions as how you're gonna do it.

Also, I'm quite buzy updating the Achievements-script and it has some awsome new features.
Make sure you're gonna use the newest version to impress the players of your game even more ^^ (might need some rewriting of original achievements but it's worth it)


Companion Wulf said...

Heya SojaBird,

Thanks for visiting my slice of the RPG Maker world. I'm honored that you visited. :)

As far as TGP, I've been reworking the plot - it's taken a newer direction lately, something more dynamic as an underlying theme throughout. I took out the Achievements script temporarily, but recently placed it back in and will definitely use the newest version. Hoping to have a demo by the end of the year (no guarantees though LOL).

Thanks again for visiting. :)

SojaBird said...

Back again :)

Hey good to hear that your projects are going well.
Good luck with those! (I've never had the courage the finish any project :P)

I've just released the BETA version of the Achievements script.
See if it works for your project, though also make sure you've wachted my first episode of Scriptology (www.youtube.com/sojabird).
I'll cover somethinga 'bout the use of scripts at the start (basicly the message is, don't use (too much) scripts (if they don't suit your game correctly)).

G'luck once more,

Companion Wulf said...

Awesome! Thanks, I'll be sure to check it out. I implemented the original in TGP already and it works well. I did watch your Scriptology vids, which helped a great deal. And I'll put some more updates when I can (time permitting).

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